How to list your ICO token on crypto exchange?

After doing successful (or not so successful) ICO sale, the second highest priority is to get listed on crypto exchanges, in order to allow investors to start trading your token. Doing so is not as easy as it sounds and bears a new set of traps.

Here is a short guide on what to do and what not to do.

1. Forget big exchanges.

Unless your token has market value of hundreds of $ millions (and it’s being actively traded on several smaller exchanges) there’s absolutely no point in contacting big exchanges, as they will not list you. And even if some big exchange will accept your token for $1M (that’s what they will ask you to pay) there will be not much benefit from it as supply will not ensure demand.

2. Don’t pay overprice for bad exchanges.

Most exchanges will ask you from few to couple dozens of Bitcoin for getting listed. But most of them will not be worth it. In ICO world usually, the service providers who just want to make a quick buck will ask you for payment in BTC or ETH. And the service providers who are willing to go with you till the end will gladly accept your tokens, for as long as they have value.

3. Get listed on as many exchanges as possible.

Since you will mostly get listed on small exchanges it’s better to get listed on as many as possible to reach the highest amount of crypto people. Generally, you should get listed on all exchanges that want to list you, for as long as they are not asking you to pay too much for that.

4. Promote the exchange(s) where you are listed.

If you get listed on exchange it will not automatically mean that your token will be actively traded. You need to tell your community that they can trade your token at a specific exchange. Your ICO may be over, but now the real business of being a unique crypto begins.

5. Understand that the price of your token will fall.

In the current bad market, the price of your token will drop. Average tokens lose up to 10 times of their value compared to the main sale price, some lose even more. But don’t let this scare you. If you decide not to get listed on exchanges the trust of investors in your company will be lost completely. However, the price of good tokens is expected to rise up again in 2019 when the market will recover.

Need help in getting listed on crypto exchanges?

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