How to Build Your Digital Horse Racing Game with a Zed Run Clone Platform?

Colts and stallions are selling for millions of dollars these days. This is because of the stunning growth of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Likewise, the equestrian sports industry is also adopting this trend of crypto collectibles. There is one platform that is the hub of virtual horse racing. It is none other than Zed Run. Users can create stables, start racing, battle it out against fellow players, and win exciting rewards on the Polygon sidechain. Are you that entrepreneur desiring to enter the metaverse? Create a Zed Run clone now.

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The primary features of a Zed Run Clone

Racing Section — Undoubtedly, the excitement of seeing fillies and stallions running at full pace is close to none. Importantly, the racing dashboard acts as the focal point for exciting events and competitive tournaments. Subsequently, users can see the list of open races, location, type of event (class), distance, entry fees, prize pool, and the number of spots available. Later, they can pick a gate and put their racehorse in a specific slot.

Events dashboard — Players will receive real-time updates about upcoming events on the Zed Run clone platform. They can click the Next to Run button and know the schedule of horse races in multiple national and international locations. Thus, they will receive real-time updates about the date and time of the event and the terms and conditions (T&Cs) for participation.

Qualification Standings Panel — Importantly, colts and stallions should run a minimum number of races to qualify for the next events. Generally, this varies based on categories like distance and the total participants.

Users can take part in a tournament, exhibit their strong racing skills, and win prizes. After a while, they would be placed as sprinters, midrunners, and marathoners based on their performance and the total number of accumulated points.

Filter mechanism — Unquestionably, horses require a lot of training to put up a terrific performance in a race. Consequently, players can tap the Filters dashboard. They can click options like Date, Classes (Number-wise and Griffin), and Distance (in metres). Thus, they can take part in popular races where the conditions are highly favourable.

Depending on the extent of competition, horse racers can choose mares and fillies by clicking options like highest and lowest price, expiring soon, and recently listed, bloodline (Nakamoto, Szabo, Finney, and Buterin), Generation (Number-Wise), and Gender (Colt and Stallion), and Breeds (Genesis, Legendary, Exclusive, Elite, and Cross).

Integrated Wallets — Horse racers can swiftly pay auction fees, bidding charges, gas fees, and registration fees for events and tournaments. They can link software wallets like MetaMask and also authenticate themselves by linking their Magic Link accounts.

Roster section — Generally, it takes some time for horses to get bred and participate in a race. Likewise, the list of colts and stallions bought and bred are displayed in the Roster dashboard.

Hence, users can see details about the name of the horse, the date and time of purchase and sales, the type of coat, smart contract address on the Polygonscan, the number of races participated, win rate in percentage (%), and the number of offsprings.

Genesis Panel — All the first-generation racehorses are called the Genesis breed. Importantly, there will be a limited number of mares and stallions in the decentralized ecosystem.

Help Centre — Racers and equestrian sports enthusiasts can sort out different problems by contacting the help desk. They receive prompt support for issues like trading of horses, breeding colts and stallions, processing of transactions using debit and credit cards and digital wallets and verification of profiles.

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Is live streaming of horse races the future of equestrian sports?

  • The Zed Run clone platform contains a live streaming button. Thus, participants and spectators can view a list of horses getting ready for different cups and tournaments.
  • They need to connect their Twitch account and watch horses run from start to finish. Besides that, viewers can utilize options like language change, full screen, pause, unmute, expand, 2D and 3D. This leads to an unforgettable experience for spectators.
  • What happens if users miss an event? They can head over to the Racing section, select the Horses Only button, and tap the Replay button. Thus, the video feed automatically updates and players can see the engrossing race live on the screen.

Colour Pairs and Colour Rarity: The highlight of the Zed Run Like Platform

When spectators watch a race, they may get confused when horses run simultaneously. However, the Colour Pyramid sorts out that issue easily. It classifies the colts and stallions based on their appearance and tone.

There are 2 tables, Colour Groups and Rarity Tiers. Eventually, players can select participating horses based on the level of rarity and their behaviour. For example, the Zed Run racehorse has segregated horses into different names like Neptune, Earth, Wild, Moon, Fiery, Classic, and Mystical.

Further, there are 3 different types of breeding pairs. The mother and father are given alphabetical names and they create a breeding pair.

What is the difference between the first, second, and third breeding pairs? They have the same colour, may not possess an identical coat colour but are in the same group, and do not have an identical coat colour and are not in the same colour group.

Importantly, the mother and father of a horse have different coat colours. This impacts the result of the offspring when it takes part in a competition.

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What is the cost of creating a Zed Run Clone Platform?

  • The type of tech stack (application programming interfaces, database management systems, programming languages, web frameworks, and smart contract auditing tools) used to create the Zed Run like platform.
  • Extent of customization demanded by entrepreneurs like you.
  • Nature of standard and premium features integrated with the Zed Run clone.
  • Time taken to create the virtual horse racing platform.

Wrapping Up

Zed Run is coming out with ambitious plans for 2022. The Polygon-based horse racing marketplace will come out with a new rating system, more classes to boost competition, the launch of a new crypto token, and incentives for breeding, lending, and creation of guilds. Do you want to be a giant in the global equestrian industry? Get in touch with a white-label solution provider now to build a Zed Run clone script.

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