How to become a blockchain talent at Facebook’s new company?

How to become a blockchain talent at Facebook’s new company?

Facebook recently has listed five new blockchain-related jobs on its careers page for their new company. Besides requiring candidates with 5 to 10 years of work experience, solid knowledge of blockchain is in job requirement. Being involved in the Facebook company is the dream of many employers. Although meeting the requirements of work experience, knowledge of blockchain technology becomes the only barrier of them. Do they have the opportunity to gain these positions?

Recruiting news of the Facebook company

Facebook’s blockchain group was formed in early May. David Marcus, who was a board member of major United States crypto exchange Coinbase as of December 2017, pronounced that the group’s mission was “to explore the best blockchain across Facebook, starting from scratch”.

Currently, the Facebook company is seeking a product marketing leader, two software engineer roles, a data scientist post, and a data engineer — all full-time roles at the company’s headquarters in Menlo Park, California.

Through the job description, it is probable to see that they only recruit talents in the blockchain industry and have no opportunity for an internship.

As a product marketing leader for Facebook’s blockchain group, the company claims that this is a very important position. The team leader is responsible for leading the problem-solving team and building the community for the company. Furthermore, the team must explore the opportunities that blockchain brings to society.

For the Data Engineering team, the job description states that this is a highly intellectually challenging position: “This is technically challenging, will have a massive global impact, and you will get to work closely with smart folks on an intellectually challenging initiative”.

Facebook is exploring areas of interest across all facets of blockchain technology.

In the introduction, we can recognize Facebook’s goal for Data Scientist, Blockchain:
“We are exploring areas of interest across all facets of blockchain technology. Our ultimate goal is to help people with access to the things they do not have — that could be things like equitable financial services, new ways to save, or new ways to share information”.

The preferred qualifications that Facebook requires for the two positions of “Software Engineer, Blockchain” include “[e]xperience with distributed computing (Hive / Hadoop)” and coding Experience in a range of languages such as “C, C ++, Java, C #, Perl, PHP, Hack and / or Python” (“Software Engineer, Blockchain”).

The anxiety of the inexperienced employees in the blockchain industry

Facebook is placed as one of the best companies to work for. Despite the criticism over the past year, employees around the world are always looking for opportunities to become part of Facebook.

Facebook’s CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg said his goal in 2018 was to tackle Facebook’s problems and by 2019 to exploit new technologies for the Facebook platform.

For that reason, a small group of blockchain technology was established. Although this is a small and new group, fast-growing and it is “a talented group of people who are passionate about changing the world”.

A talented blockchain group of people who are passionate about changing the world.

Although this is a great opportunity, many people with long-term work experience are not eligible to apply for those roles, because of the lack of blockchain technology skills and knowledge.

Thus, the big question right now, are employees with little or no blockchain technology-related skills still having the opportunity to apply for those roles?

YES, they are! Here are three things that can help candidates change the situation:

1. Thorough knowledge preparation

First, you need to build a solid blockchain knowledge by joining specialized courses. If you want to engage in software development roles, you need to understand the core of the cryptography of blockchain technology. On the other hand, to be a marketing leader, you need to understand the blockchain theory and market of the blockchain industry.

Not only to participate in the courses, but you also need to join some platforms that integrate blockchain technology in combination with the information from news to gain deeper knowledge.

Because the blockchain industry is not for everyone, this is a challenge for newbies. Many people are still suspicious about it. However, there are many reports said that blockchain is growing and showing its strength through many projects around the world. So learning and gaining knowledge about blockchains will open up a new career path for you whether you participate in Facebook or not.

2. Skill beats experience

Once you are confident that you have enough knowledge of the blockchain technology or the blockchain market for an interview, apply even if your profile does not match the job description.

If after the interview, Facebook rejected you for lacking blockchain skills. Do not give up. It is the experience, go back and continue to improve knowledge.

The way you get real blockchain skills without abandoning your current job is to participate in freelance projects. You can study while you work and earn extra income. You can search for blockchain projects through reliable recruiting platforms. The implementation of the blockchain project in a short time will help you gain a lot of skill quickly. Besides, you can be flexible time personal when joining freelance projects. Is it convenient and effective?

Facebook wants people to show up in terms of who they are.

3. Be yourself

Janelle Gale — Facebook’s vice president of human resources says “We have a product that is based on real identity. We want you to connect with your friends and family and really the proposition in our product is that you can be in terms of all aspects of your life with the people you care about the most”.

She says “We want people to show up in terms of who they are.” She asserted that in addition to the knowledge, the biggest advantage that the candidate has in Facebook’s interview is that it is to be your honest and authentic self. Be brave to show off your ability and it will create the opportunity to work on Facebook for you.

As reported by Hired, Getdone mentioned in the previous articles, the average income of a blockchain engineer increased from $ 150,000 to $ 175,000, 400% higher than in 2017. The reason for boosting the pay of blockchain-related jobs is that tech giants such as Facebook, Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft have posted job openings for the blockchain-related job.

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