How can you give a boost to your business SEO using Referral Traffic

There is no doubt on the fact that Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the primary source to gain traffic on our website. We all keep a primary focus on SEO in order to ensure that the website gains more and more users. But it is a known and accepted fact that SEO is slow and takes time.

Many people concentrate solely on SEO and often complain of sub-par results. Let us find out the actual truth behind it and what can we do to overcome the slowness of SEO.

In any game you play, be it cricket or tennis, you cannot excel just by practicing in the nets. You need to gain substantial match time and there are many other factors like mental health, composure and several small factors that unite to produce the best results together.

The situation is similar here. SEO may well be the key factor but there are other ways that you must figure out to ensure that your website performs well as a whole.

In this article, we will talk about one such factor, Referral Traffic which helps in increasing your site’s traffic in its own way. So let’s get started.

What Is Referral Traffic?

Let’s suppose that you have a website and you want to increase the traffic to your website but you don’t have the right idea, so here you can take the help of SEO online referrals. In other words, we can say that visitors that come to your site from different sites other than the major search engines. These are known as Referral Traffic.

Bringing in people using referral traffic is a demanding task to excel, specifically if you are a beginner and don’t have a brand of your own yet. So how will you do it? Do you need a course to learn more about it? Will you succeed in it?

I know you may have multiple questions hovering in your head about this topic. So I have discussed some ways in which you can boost your business SEO using referral traffic –

1. Guest Posting

Guest Posting is definitely the biggest source of referral traffic on to your site. Start by trying to figure out blogs from more popular players that belong to a similar niche that your site follows. This doesn’t mean that you will target your competitors solely.

It also means that you need to find out what your target audience is up to. Some of these blogs may not be from the same niche, but it’s alright. But make sure these are industry blogs.

Another workable method is to find out what the biggest player in your niche is up to. See where he is guest posting frequently. You can make use of similar topics and pitch them yourself to the blog owners to gain leverage for yourself.

And guest posting is not an easy job. If you want to create a brand, make sure you post worthy content that provides some utility to the readers. This will make them want to read more from you and they will come searching for your blogs.

And promoting your content well is just as important as writing a good blog. So you need to make sure that you promote your content well, reply to the readers and indirectly tell them more about who you are. If you succeed in wooing the readers, you give yourself a chance to widen your reach.

2. Build Offline Relationships

We may think that our blog is online and we must do everything possible online to gain maximum traction. But building offline relationships is a major trait that most bloggers are unable to excel at. You can try and partner with several offline partners, be it local or international, to achieve referral traffic. Imagine your name on a huge billboard on a busy crossing.

You may not be the star that will attract readers to halt and have a look at it. But seeing you collaborate with the ones they love will definitely help you to be in the loop. They will come looking for you tomorrow, if not today.

You can start by sponsoring local events on your own or in partnership with others. If the event has a good fan base, some of it will be coming to look for you too. Doing this locally is easier as you can keep track of the events and hop in even at the last second.

If you are a good orator, it gives you another opportunity to grab a slice of the cake. You can speak at events and conferences, which will help you in connecting with the audience and building up a brand.

3. Be active on Social Media

Like in an offline world, your physical appearance has the ability to attract someone to talk to you. Similarly, in an online world, your good social presence can provide you a great amount of referral traffic.

You need to read statistics to understand when your target audience reads blogs generally and you should time your blogs accordingly. You can also try and reach out to your potential readers via various platforms.

You need to optimize your landing pages for that so that people may feel like to approach your site to give it a read. The appearance should not detract potential customers. For that, you need to ensure compatibility to various devices and across platforms.

You can also try to conduct giveaways and quizzes to gain new customers. The best example you can look up to is Amazon. You can see quizzes running 24*7 on its application. It not only keeps the existing customers hooked, but it also brings in new ones.

Some Final Words

Referral Traffic is thus, a powerful method to bring a huge metamorphosis in the business SEO. There is a wide array of options to achieve it. It is useless to mention that the methods above are not the only ones out there.

You can choose other strategies as well, but it is important to create a plan and use referral traffic in the best way to produce excellent results and increase conversions. At the end of the day, we don’t just need new readers but we do need them to increase in totality as well. This will help us in achieving our goals.

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