How Blockchain Technology Will Bring Balance To Work Industry

Work is arguably the most crucial part of human life, where we spend a big part of our lives at work. With the high level of technological development that we have seen in this 21st century, a considerable number of innovative scientist are researching into developing work and creating a more effective models to improve the work industry which will be powered by artificial intelligence and anchored on the blockchain

The BlackBox Foundation has been created to operationalize the latest innovative technological development, a decentralized platform powered by artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. The Blackbox OS will serve members, organizations and token holders of the platform. Through the Blackbox OS project, the company wants to improve the workforce, enhance work process, eliminate the complications in the workflow, and try to establish communication between associations, community and users of the BlackBox framework.

A Change In The Block

BlackBox is a work driven platform on the blockchain that tries to tackle huge number of the issues in the work industry by integrating artificial intelligence into the operational framework, which will bring together community of users and developers on the platform. One of the major problems big organizations and enterprises face is how to genuinely evaluate the nature of work done, which is important to inspire individuals to do a better work.

In many organizations, the general evaluation of a person’s commitment to work is not entirely fair, it is usually bias and mostly based on casual assessment of a senior worker. This problem is going to change with the introduction of BlackBox Project, the PoV agreement protocol will be adopted, which is an advanced proof of viable and quality work. This protocol by Blackbox is reasonable and fair for everybody and will be applied toward the end of the work. This way, compensation and reward will be given to people that perform genuine and good work. The project’s vision is to change the world into a better place by taking care of the issues related to people, essentially the possibility of “work” and our place in it. The organization plans to make a type of proficient and all around promoted private enterprise, where individuals deal with the premise of legitimacy frameworks and correspondence

There is a need to change the way employees see their effort as a contribution

The present standards of private enterprise (capitalism) put profit above everything else. There is also a daily threat on the society that will diminish our natural resources. Likewise, the gap between the rich ones and the poor keeps widening. Blackbox project imagines a future where there will be no massive debt incurred by companies and organizations trying to recruit workers and managing them. Also a worker will not be employed to a company where his skills and efforts are not valued or where he will be assigned to perform a specific task repeatedly. A few researches have indicated that 70% of individuals are isolated from work, and this is not a very good news for both the companies and their employees.

Blackbox is creating a better awareness for people and encouraging them to see in a particular direction that reveals the flaws with the current model of capitalism. The clear motive of profit is no longer enough for workers anymore, workers are now beginning to see that organizations only manipulate their efforts and hard work for a return of pension. People are now driven by a better motive and want to be appreciated by more than just their salaries. Since we are a generation that appreciates adaptability, flexibility, trust, decent variety and balance for all, the team plans to take care of every one of these issues and provide better solution for both workers and their employers.

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