Hi, I’m Hilbi — your healthcare A.I.

Hi, I’m Hilbi — your healthcare A.I.

Hilbi as one of the first decentralized Artificial intelligence based on a blockchain solution developed by 01People will serve to collect and share data related to the greatest gift we all own. Our health. Respecting and caring for every individual contributing and supporting the mutual vision of improving the healthcare system globally.

In fact, Hilbi’s origin dates back to 4 years ago when the project Doctor online was initiated. It is one of the first online platforms which connected patients with their doctors. Without the need to wait hours and hours in the waiting room, patients can consult their doctors directly, ask for advice as well as for their medical findings. This timeless project, unique with its mission and functionality, was adopted by the fin-tech company 01People which assigned a 56-member team to leverage it further, bringing it to a higher level by implementing it into a blockchain ecosystem. The Slovakia based company 01People has extensive experience in developing blockchain solutions, big data ecosystems, data science, cryptographic security & digital safety and shall transfer all acquired know-how into this special project.

“ When A.I. meets blockchain, a game-changing solution needs to be created ” 01People

Blockchain team leader Jozef from 01CryptoHouse in hand with big data specialists from 01DataHouse in a deep discussion on the coexistence of different technologies

One of the project’s headlines is Share for more. The more you will share, the more you will get in return, be it in the form of data, advice or a reward for active cooperation. All contributors and participants will be rewarded not only by knowing that they are helping others but also thanks to a meticulous reward system which will remunerate the ones who care and share.

Step by step, Hilbi’s platform will incorporate various chat platforms and offer space for many sectors, e.g. patients, doctors, advisors, pharma companies, laboratories, healthcare institutions, regulatory bodies, insurance companies. This all in the provably secure environment of a blockchain ecosystem, offering anonymity and safety to all stakeholders.

Last UI check by Patrik And Marek before the first round of Hilbi app public testing

What is the vision of Hilbi’s developers? The mission of Hilbi will be to create such a digital knowledge database which can form the basis for an accessible healthcare, and which will be provided to people all around the world as all humans, regardless of their origin and possibilities, should have access to adequate medical advice resulting in an improved health condition as such.

Hilbi will provide it with the arduous effort to make the future world good for humanity.

Patrik Kmeč, Hilbi Foundation by 01People

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