Here is why developers should write more (words, not code)

A World beyond code.

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Run your code and help a few. Write about it and help many.

“All I need is a sheet of paper and something to write with, and then I can turn the world upside down.” -Friedrich Nietzsche

We are already at the beginning of a new area. The “everyone wants to learn to code” area. The accessibility of information made everyone more and more thirsty for knowledge.

Wanna put your drop in this ocean?

With the ever-emerging new online platforms for learning how to code, developer forums, tech portals, everyone around the world has access to needed knowledge to embark on the learn how to code journey. But for the journey to be successful we need more.

We need stories. Real life examples.

In one of my previous articles I wrote about the impact, stories have on us and how with the power of story we can impact others. The concept is simple and straightforward. If you want to learn something read a story about it, and if you want to share something and be remembered than write a story about it.

Why is it like that?

All day long many information comes and goes through our brain but if you want to memorize something or to be memorized you have to trigger the part of the brain that is in charge of our memory. Luckily, that part of the brain is story-shaped.

In other words:

Information comes and goes. The ones that stay are story shaped.

Look around you and you will see how many people that want to present an idea, teach or connect with the community use the indispensable potency of story.

What about you? Do you want to help someone?

Then I encourage you to read on.

Why write?

  • If you are a Code-newbie share your struggles through a story. There are many code beginners out there (including myself) that get motivated by these stories. It is a relief for people to see that someone else out there is going through the same sh*t as me. And on top of it, you can meet new friends, get in new circles which is a must in today’s World in order to succeed
  • If you are an experienced developer share your knowledge with others and help them – you never know who (out there in the whole World) will be motivated and inspired by your experience, and who is just waiting for your example so they can make a leap in their life
  • Create a community of yours and make sure to guide them with good advises (little stories)
  • If you are a developer, you write code and create some program that can be helpful to a certain amount of people that will make use of it. If you write about your whole journey around creating that program, you can help thousands of programmers out there (run your code and help a few but write about it and help many)
  • If you are working in a company you can help your team members thereby sharing your experience. If you write about your experience, you can create a big team of yours from the entire World and help many.
  • Words have power. You can change lives with them.

To know how to code is great.

To help others is the way to go.

To learn how to code is not enough. Share your beginnings with others. Share your hard times, your failures, your successes. These starting points and hard moments can motivate someone to change their life as you did or to just keep moving forward.

The point is that you never know how your experience and knowledge translated into words can help someone.

Let me give you my own experience as an example. I am new to coding and its hard to be at the beginning. Exciting, but hard. You visit so many platforms to learn the code essentials, to learn the syntax, to understand how to code. And it is still hard. The programmer’s community is so big but very often you feel still alone. Been there many times. Sometimes you feel like you want to quit as you will never grasp the concept of coding. There are so many things to learn and you will be overwhelmed so many times.


I read a story on Medium, or somewhere else, about someone who is passing through the same things as I do. This makes me relieved.

I read a story about someone who is now an experienced programmer but went through the same. This makes me inspired.

I read someone who combined programming lessons and life lessons in the form of a story and suddenly you understand everything so much better. This makes me motivated.

There you go. That’s my point. I believe you got it:)

When you know something-share.

When you learn something new-share.

Be out there. Help out. Build a world beyond code.

It already exists and it’s great. Let’s meet there.

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