Hedera Hashgraph Now Live / Deutsche Bank Joins JPMorgan’s Quorum / Dapper Labs Launches Flow

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September 18, 2019

This week’s edition is full of the recent happening, education, and movements throughout Blockchain, DLT, and DApps. The largely anticipated Hedera Hashgraph’s public blockchain as now launched with over 25 DApps running on it. More movements in the banking and finance space as Spanish banking giant Santander becomes the first bank to use a public blockchain to conduct all aspects of a bond issue AND Deutsche Bank joins JPMorgan’s Quorum blockchain. Additionally, Dapper Labs launched Flow, TRON is catching up with EOS on number of DApps, and plenty of research along with insights on infrastructure, DApps, Bitcoin, Economics, and Stablecoins. For MORE and to keep you up to speed, here’s a snapshot of the top stories this week around the industry.

📖 Hedera Hashgraph, Touted as High-Speed Blockchain Alternative, Now Live

Hedera Hashgraph has announced the launched its public network. With the network being live Hedera treasury will soon start distributing the system’s HBAR tokens to investors. According to the company, Hashgraph stands out from other distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) in several ways. Its creators claim it works more efficiently than blockchains, making it more suitable for enterprises and commerce…read more

Source: Hedera Hashgraph

📖 Gartner: Blockchain will be nothing more than an add-on for ERP, CRM software

All major ERP and CRM vendors will offer blockchain capabilities as an add on feature for their software and SaaS products, according to a new report from Gartner. During that same time, fragmented blockchain standards are likely to inhibit adoption of the distributed ledger technology in real-world systems by financial services firms, which were rolling out quite a lot of check beds and pilot tasks in recent times…read more

Top 7 Blockchain challenges to go mainstream in 2019 & more… | Data Driven Investor

📖 10 Blockchain Companies To Watch In Asia

The article highlights growing trends in the Asian blockchain ecosystem, as Asia is one of the leading regions in terms of growth of blockchain jobs, cryptocurrency usage, and innovation. The article further mentions ten innovative blockchain startups based in Asia to watch for the future…read more

📖 Santander Settles Both Sides of a $20 Million Bond Trade on Ethereum

According to Spanish banking giant Santander, it has become the first bank to use a public blockchain to conduct all aspects of a bond issue. According to the bank, the bank not only used a token on ethereum to represent the $20 million debt issuance but settled it with another set of ERC-20 tokens representing cash held in a custody account…read more

📖 From CryptoKitties To Cardi B: Warner Music Joins $11 Million Investment In Ethereum Replacement


Warner Music is setting its sights on blockchain, with their recent participation in Dapper Labs $11.2 million investment round. Dapper Labs is the maker of blockchain game, CryptoKitties. With the investment Warner Music’s blockchain team will work with Dapper Labs to create digital assets using a new public blockchain revealed today, called Flow, that is capable of handling transaction volumes many times more than ethereum, even while expanding on a number of the company’s other blockchain projects…read more

📖 The Hype Has Faded But Demand Remains for Enterprise Blockchains

When IBM and shipping giant Maersk teamed up to create a blockchain solution for supply chains and to save up to 20% in the process, blockchain was portrayed as a cure-all for businesses. Now that the hype has faded, enterprise blockchain projects have quietly begun to ship. Most of the enterprise blockchain projects of note have been based upon IBM’s Hyperledger or R3’s Corda…read more

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📖 Deutsche Bank joins JPMorgan-led blockchain network

Deutsche Bank has signed up to the financial services industry’s most prominent blockchain project with JPMorgan. Deutsche Bank joined the Chase-led Interbank Information Network (IIN), which is a network of 320 banks which have agreed to swap information on global payments over blockchain, the mutually distributed ledger technology behind cryptocurrencies. The aim is to free payments from the lengthy and costly delays that affect around 1.5 percent of cross-border payments…read more

📖 Report: European Union’s (EU) — Blockchain Now and Tomorrow

The report Blockchain Now and Tomorrow brings together research from different units and disciplinary fields of the Joint Research Centre (JRC), the European Commission’s science and knowledge service. It provides multidimensional insights into the state of blockchain technology by identifying ongoing and upcoming transformations in a range of sectors and setting out an anticipatory approach for further exploration. Moving beyond the hype and debunking some of its controversies, we aim to offer both an in-depth and practical understanding of blockchain and its possible applications…read more provided by Biser Dimitrov

📖 Report: Stanford University’s 2019 Blockchain for Social Impact

Over the last five years, the promise of blockchain technology has swept the social impact world, with many innovators experimenting to find use cases for this uniquely secure technology. This has resulted in hundreds of new organizations, ventures, and initiatives (referred to collectively as “organizations” in this report) focused on blockchain…read more

📖 Decentralized identity and reputation

IDs are also easily stolen and readily available for purchase on darknet markets so you don’t always know if the person who is providing the ID is the actual person. Therefore some services will ask a series of questions like where was the street you grew up on and which of the listed addresses is a place you actually lived. This also leads to issues like the person doesn’t have enough historical records to be presented with questions, the person forgets the answer, or this information can be easily found by someone trying to impersonate them…read more

DApps (Decentralized Apps) Watch

📖 Introducing Flow, a new blockchain from the creators of CryptoKitties

Dapper Labs, the creator of CryptoKitties, has launched Flow — a fast, secure, and developer-friendly blockchain built to support the next generation of games, apps, and the digital assets that will power them…read more

📖 Tron is just 40 DApps away from beating EOS

TRON Foundation, the leader in decentralized infrastructure space, has released a new report revealing about the progress it has made in DApps space. The company said its shielded 578 DApps in its network while EOS had about 618 DApps on its network. So far, In terms of daily users, volume and transactions EOS was seen dominating the DApps space. But despite the late entrant in the market Tron is only 40 DApps away from surpassing the EOS…read more

Source: DApp Review

📖 Economic Disruption: From Pipelines, to Platforms, to dApps

With the Fourth Industrial Revolution picking up steam, decentralized platforms are fast becoming a powerful means for coordinating economic activity. The DApp Network is evolving the platform revolution by creating a marketplace for a suite of robust developer services: decentralized storage, RAM-compatible memory, cross-blockchain operability…read more

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