Going The White Label Way For Your Crypto Exchange

White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange

Cryptocurrency exchanges have obliterated the need for machines with high processing power to have any cryptocurrency. It was not possible to buy cryptocurrency at a predetermined exchange rate, trade them with other crypto coins, and make a profit out of it. What made descriptive exchanges better is that the volatility which was considered to be a bad attribute of crypto coin‘s was becoming a blessing in disguise.

The cryptocurrency exchange charges a commission on the profit made and network fees for every transaction. Considering the volume of transactions, a cryptocurrency exchange is a highly successful business model. Irrespective of the read making a profit or loss, the cryptocurrency exchange always makes a profit!

How To Get Started With Cryptocurrency Exchange Business?

Though most basic thing to get started with your crypto exchange business is to have a cryptocurrency exchange mechanism/software. This is in addition to the legal dimensions of registering the company. It is to be noted that cryptocurrency exchange businesses are valid forms of business even in countries where cryptocurrency is not excepted as a valid form of payment.

Developing a cryptocurrency exchange from scratch would be I’ll cumbersome affair. You could probably go for downloading an open-source crypto exchange but it might not be the most secure option. One of the best options for you to create your own crypto exchange business is to go for a white label cryptocurrency exchange script.

What Is A White Label Solution?

White Label Solution
White Label Solution

A white label solution is a cryptocurrency exchange available in its skeletal form with all essential features intact. It can be garnished with additional features and can also be painted with an interface of your choice. The end product resembles an exchange built from scratch because… Let us admit it… The user only cares for the interface that they interact with.

There are different cryptocurrency exchanges that have strung up in all corners of the world, and every crypto exchange has its own distinct features. You can have white label clones for almost all of these prominent cryptocurrency exchanges. Let us look at the top 10 among the crypto exchange clone Scripts that are most sought after.

Binance Clone Script

It would be a surprise if the list did not start with the most prominent name in the crypto exchange space. Binance it’s not only the largest crypto exchange in terms of trade volume but also one of the fastest exchanges on the planet. With a white label clone script of Binance, it is possible to launch your own crypto exchange in a very small stretch of time, and maybe even within a week.

LocalBitCoins Clone Script

LocalBitCoins is a P2P Exchange platform and it facilitates secure trading. The fact that it is completely decentralized gives an additional layer of security because at no point in time does the funder stay out of the control of users. The country is the case with most centralized exchanges like Binance. If you are someone who likes to uphold the value of complete the centralization and complete ownership of crypto coins by users, you can opt for a LocalBitCoins clone script.

Paxful Clone Script

Paxful might not be as famous but being a decentralized crypto trading platform, it provides more than 300 payment options like online wallets, bank transfers, credit and debit cards, and digital currency. It is one of the easiest to use in spite of being decentralized because such exchanges are known to be notoriously difficult at least for beginners. The completely tested Paxful clone script is made with robust features that make it capable of holding 1 million users at a time, and the script is also meticulously tested for bugs.

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get”. Warren Buffet, American business magnate, investor, and philanthropist.

Remitano Clone Script

The unique proposition of Remitano lies in its security and safety. It is one of the fastest-growing platforms, and it has all the credentials to get listed along with Paxful and LocalBitCoins. Our Remitano clone script it’s available across multiple platforms including but not limited to the mobile app, the website, and mobile browser versions.

WazirX Clone Script

WazirX should be given the credit for opening the crypto wave in one of the most populous and technically inclined countries on the planet, India. WazirX was acquired by Binance recently, but WazirX still continues to function under the brand name. It is known for its simple interface, extensive information on trading pairs, and transfer options congenial for the country it serves. A WazirX clone script takes into consideration the most ambitious it uninitiated Crypto trading users spread across the planet. The simple interface but the powerful engine makes it an ideal candidate for you to develop a Crypto exchange Lake WazirX using a WazirX clone script.

Poloniex Clone Script

If an exchange like Binance can be considered the Nikon of exchanges, then Poloniex can be considered the Hasselblad. Using it might be complicated and it might not be for everyone. However, the advanced trading options and the high security make it an ideal choice for a lot of seasoned crypto traders. The Poloniex clone script might not have a lot of audiences but the profit in the segment is really big even if you were to calculate in terms of profit percentages from every trade.

“It is a reliable system that is changing the lives of many people. The economy goes that way.” Mariano Zabaleta.

Coinbase Clone Script

Coinbase is one of the most renowned crypto exchanges from the United States. It supports all kinds of combinations including but not limited to three at currency to cryptocurrency trading and crypto to crypto trading. It is both centralized and decentralized, making it extremely dynamic. Any entrepreneur who would like to purchase the Coinbase clone script is in for a big treat in terms of versatility and consequently, the size of the market that they can target.

BitStamp Clone Script

BitStamp is based out of Europe and it has created a reputation for being extremely user-friendly. Like most other crypto exchanges, it is also available on a website. The BitStamp exchange clone script is an ideal way to start your crypto trading business if you focus on the European market. BitStamp has already done its research to ensure that it has features that fit its target audience.

Bithumb Clone Script

Why should everything be from south Asia, Europe, and the Americas? Here is an effort from the Orient. Bithumb is a crypto exchange created by Korea and it was founded in the year 2013. Just like any other effort from that area, Bithumb, in addition to cryptocurrency trading facilities, also provides coupons, value notices, and a lot more. It is also known for its commitment to customer support as it is available all through the year. When you go for a Bithumb clone script, you are tapping into one of the most technologically advanced areas on the planet, East Asia and the Orient.

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Kucoin Clone Script

Kucoin is another amazing crypto exchange that has covered a niche for itself in a space that has been dominated by Binance. It supports more than 400 crypto coins, making it one of the best when it comes to that metric. The Kucoin exchange is a fine line between being simple and offering utility. The way in which it has been designed is congenial for the middle spectrum of users. If history has taught us something, the middle band is bound to increase in size Vin numbers grow. Therefore, investing in a Kucoin clone script would be a great business idea.


The cryptocurrency exchange will flourish as a business at least for the next few years, and when it does, it is bound to make a great profit. If you are an entrepreneur who would like the foray into the crypto space with a crypto exchange, the best way is to do it with white label clones of these renowned and well-established crypto exchanges. All you need to do is get in touch with a company that specializes in the development of customization of white label cryptocurrency exchange clones, and they will take it to understand a requirement and present with the solutions that will launch you into this amazing area of profitability.

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