Get some Windows XP flair inside Github

Windows XP is one of the most famous operating systems that used to be really hard to get rid of, even though Microsoft itself tried a lot of methods to convince its customers to do the migration to one of its newer operating systems. Now that Github has been bought by Microsoft, many people have started complaining in terms of the implications that this acquisition may have. On the other hand, there are other people who have started to make jokes about this movement. A Chrome plugin has been developed to turn Github into a layout that is similar to Windows XP.

When you install this plugin, then your user experience in Github will have a Windows XP flavor. You will have a start menu at the bottom of your tab, which has the Windows XP’s Start Menu replaced with a hyperlink to the Github’s homepage. Next to the “Start” menu, it has a few other items in the taskbar, like the search field, Pull Requests, Issues, Marketplace, Explore. At the bottom corner in the right, it has the avatar of the user logged in, the plus sign for creating a new repository, issue, or pull request, and the notification bell.

Github’s layout is differentiated as a window inside a Windows XP display. Behind this window, there is the Windows XP’s default desktop wallpaper.

You also have some suggestions from time to time from the famous Windows XP’s paperclip:

Img source: Plugin’s Github repository

You can give this Chrome extension a try and bring back the memories from the old days of Windows XP. This plugin is open source, and you can view its source code on Github.

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