Gartner’s 2019 Blockchain Hype Cycle / Challenges Building DApps / Daimler Carries Out First…

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Gartner’s 2019 Blockchain Hype Cycle / Challenges Building DApps / Daimler Carries Out First Blockchain Transaction

October 2, 2019

This week’s edition is full of recent happening, education, and movements throughout Blockchain, DLT, and DApps. Gartner releases its latest hype cycle graphic and insights for where the blockchain industry is today and headed in the next ten years. Daimler has carried out its first transaction on the Marco Polo trade finance network, while Cardano and New Balance team up to stop counterfeit kicks. MorningStar shares insights on their lastest blockchain initiatives. Additionally, Dapper Labs shares lessons learned on building DApps, Consensys introduces a DeFi Score for lending, Libra’s early backers getting cold feet, and we round out with plenty of research along with insights on infrastructure, DApps, Bitcoin, Economics, and Stablecoins. For MORE and to keep you up to speed, here’s a snapshot of the top stories this week around the industry.

📖 Gartner 2019 Hype Cycle for Blockchain Business

Source: Gartner

The 2019 Gartner, Inc. Hype Cycle for Blockchain Business shows that the business impact of blockchain will be transformational across most industries within five to ten years. “Even though they are still uncertain of the impact blockchain will have on their businesses, 60% of CIOs in the Gartner 2019 CIO Agenda Survey said that they expected some level of adoption of blockchain technologies in the next three years.”…read more

📖 Daimler Carries Out First Transaction on Marco Polo Blockchain Trade Network

Daimler has carried out its first transaction on the blockchain-based Marco Polo trade finance network. The pilot commercial trade transaction saw the firm process the data required to exchange payments with engineering firm and parts builder Dürr which involved an order and delivery agreement for a balancing system from Dürr subsidiary Schenck arranged over Marco Polo…read more

📖 Cardano and New Balance Will Team up to Stop Counterfeit Kicks

IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson announced a partnership with sneaker manufacturer New Balance to use IOHK’s Cardano blockchain to ensure that New Balance shoes are authentic. This is a consumer-level verification solution that will allow purchasers to confirm the authenticity of footwear on the distributed ledger…read more

📖 Interoperability and composability within Ethereum

The unique benefits of Ethereum include interoperability and composability among the many different protocols and applications. Within Ethereum, protocols and applications can easily plug into each other and be combined to create something entirely new from what you started began with…read more

📖 U.S. House Passes Bill Requiring Study Of Blockchain Technology

The “Advancing Innovation To Assist Law Enforcement Act” was passed in the House of Representatives. The bill requires the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) to conduct a study on the use of blockchain, AI, and other technologies by the agency and provide a report to the House Financial Services Committee and the Senate Banking Committee…read more

📖 7 Industries That Are Set to Be Disrupted by Blockchain

Blockchain is one of the most disruptive technologies in recent times. The article covers seven industries that look set to be revolutionized by blockchain over the next few decades. These include payment processing and money transfers, Supply chain management, Digital IDs, Data sharing, Copyright and royalty protection, Food safety and Data backup…read more

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📖 Medici-Backed Blockchain Firm Wants to Unite the Coffee Industry of Honduras

GrainChain plans to unite the coffee industry of Honduras by delivering its blockchain platform to a network of local stakeholders. The firm has signed several agreements with the aim of bringing the entire coffee supply chain of Honduras together on its blockchain platform…read more

📖 Morningstar Is Building A Blockchain Bridge To The $117 Trillion Debt Securities Industry

Morningstar Credit Ratings is making a number of previously unknown moves into the burgeoning industry of assets issued on a blockchain. The rating agency, whose parent company Morningstar Inc. made its name rating mutual funds from the likes of Prudential, Morgan Stanley and TDAmeritrade, is on the verge of rating a number of investment opportunities similar to bitcoin but backed by real-world assets…read more

📖 Permissionlessness: A simple concept with profound implications

Now… Satoshi Nakamoto never described Bitcoin as being a solution to the “digital cash that is censorship resistant” problem. But it is by far the simplest way to reason about why Bitcoin works the way it does. No digital cash system until Bitcoin had this “censorship resistance” property. It was truly novel and the solution is a work of genius…read more and be sure to check out more from Richard Brown & The Corda Team

DApps (Decentralized Apps) Watch

📖 The technical challenges of building a decentralized application

The article covers tips for building your dapp from the creators of CryptoKitties. There are best practices for building a decentralized application (dapp), like keeping them simple and secure, but there are a lot of challenges which include communication between frontend engineers and user experience designers, the transactional nature of each interaction, etc…read more and be sure to check out more from Howard Tam & Dapper Labs

📖 Introducing the DeFi Score — an open-source methodology to evaluate code and financial risk in DeFi lending

ConsenSys Codefi has released the DeFi Score Methodology to promote transparency and understanding around the technical and financial risks impacting DeFi lending markets. The first methodology is open-sourced on GitHub, with a sample implementation to follow. The goal is for the DeFi and Ethereum developer communities to expand, test, and use the methodology as DeFi matures…read more and be sure to check out more from ConsenSys

📖 Aggregators

In December 2017, MakerDAO launched Dai, a crypto-collateralized stablecoin built atop the Ethereum network. The Maker team has in many ways been the darling of DeFi, as Dai and Maker’s tooling have served as core building blocks for DeFi. Dai’s endured USD-peg as the price of Eth plummeted from $1400 to $80, encouraged trust and secured its role as the medium of exchange for DeFi…read more and be sure to check out more from Ash Egan

📖 ConsenSys compiles list of most actively developed DApps on GitHub; Status and Storj in the lead

ConsenSys published a list of the top 20 blockchain projects with the most developer activity. Leading the list is Status messenger, crypto wallet, and Web3 browser, with over 5700 events on GitHub over one month. Next up on the list was a decentralized cloud storage network, Storj Labs, with almost 4800 events in 30 days, followed by DAO creation platform, Aragon, with nearly 4400 events…read more

📖 Institutional Libra Backers Are Getting Cold Feet

Major Libra backers Visa and Mastercard are second-guessing their participation in the Facebook-led digital payments project, the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday. Against a global regulatory blasting of the proposed cryptocurrency, the financial services pair and unnamed other companies are balking at Facebook’s call for a unified front. The Journal says that few want to boost the project publicly — leaving Facebook to defend Libra by itself…read more

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