Fusion x Ethos - Claiming Your Financial Freedom

Fusion x Ethos — Claiming Your Financial Freedom

Advancing Blockchain Finance to Put You in Control of Your Digital Future


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Hey Ethos Fam!

Happy 4th of July! What better time than with the launch of the Universal Wallet in the United States on a day celebrating independence than to talk about a topic that is core to mission of Ethos — Financial Freedom.

Ethos was started on a very simple premise — people should be in control of their own assets and financial services should be made open, safe and fair for everyone. Unfortunately, this often isn’t the case and many of us have experienced the pitfalls and limitations of not just current service providers in the crypto space, but also the financial services industry in general. High barriers to entry, high fees, lack of visibility, conflicts of interest — the list goes on — making it all the more important for us to sometimes take a step back and recognize that we at Ethos are trying to achieve something much more than just services for the cryptocurrency space.

At Ethos, we are always looking out for the best interests of our community. Our partnership with Fusion highlights that as Fusion is a Fiduciary.

What that means is that as a Fiduciary, Fusion is legally obligated to act in the best interests of investors. While this may seem like something obvious or a given, the reality is that much of the financial system does not operate like this. What we have seen in the crypto industry recently is the proliferation of the traditional financial model that often doesn’t encompass this legal relationship that we at Ethos have taken so close to heart. You are a client who wants products, services and partners that considers your interests rather than treating you as nothing more than a revenue-generation machine.

Fusion, and its partners, enable consumer-centric services through three core offerings which are:

  1. Managed Accounts
  2. Brokerage Accounts
  3. Banking

All of these offerings will be made available to the user directly through the Ethos Universal Wallet allowing the utility of the ETHOS token to deliver access to dynamic financial services.

Collectively, these services form what we have often dubbed the “Fiat Gateway” in collaboration with Plaid providing the bridge between the traditional financial world and the Ethos Ecosystem — a seamless experience for new consumers.

What are Managed Accounts?

As a Registered Investment Adviser, Fusion gathers information about a user’s financial profile, including their goals and risk tolerance, to provide custom tailored advice to each individual about how they can invest responsibly. Managed accounts are a way for you to create automated portfolios that help you diversify across crypto and traditional assets. Portfolios are rebalanced regularly, and at your discretion, providing you with professional advice to manage your risk and exposure across both traditional and crypto markets.

What are Brokerage Accounts?

Through Fusion’s partners, users will also gain access to self-directed brokerage accounts allowing them to purchase a wide variety of crypto and traditional assets. Users will be able to open “fully-disclosed” accounts with brokerage partners through Fusion allowing experienced investors to manage their own wealth with rich analytics powered by the Ethos Universal Wallet.

How about Banking?

Banking services will also be included providing users with access to checking accounts, debit cards, bill pay, direct deposit, peer-to-peer payments and much more! These services will link dynamically across user managed and brokerage accounts providing a powerful financial services experience with the user’s best interests in mind.

The Ethos Ecosystem — Taking Control of YOUR Digital Future

The partnership with Fusion represents the first step in building an inclusive financial ecosystem that is truly open, safe and fair for everyone. We are committed to building a service that puts you, the consumer, at the forefront of your finances and putting you in control while providing you with the tools, research, data and services required to responsibly manage it all. Instead of taking away that control and monetizing that, we are spending our resources educating the end user on how they can be empowered to do it all themselves. We are offering dynamic services that allow people to choose how much control they want in order to offer a better service for people globally.

The relationship with Fusion also represents Ethos continued commitment to consumers globally in fostering a more inclusive and transparent financial system.

Ethos has, and always will, keep the best interests of the community in mind and will seek to work with fiduciaries to ensure that the interests of the consumer align with the interests of the financial service provider. This attitude towards the consumer is rare in both the traditional and crypto industries, but is necessary if blockchain technology is to truly disrupt traditional financial paradigms.

We also highly recommend reading Fusion’s Brochure which contains a wealth of information relating to its activities and relationship with Ethos. Think of this like Fusion’s whitepaper. This is viewable here: https://adviserinfo.sec.gov/IAPD/Content/Common/crd_iapd_Brochure.aspx?BRCHR_VRSN_ID=512267


Shingo Lavine
Founder & CEO

Important Disclosure

Ethos.io is affiliated with Fusion, and its parent Fusion US Holdings, by virtue of each being under common ownership and control. Specifically, the controlling interests of both Ethos.io and Fusion US Holdings are held by the same individuals. Ethos.io and Fusion may jointly offer Fusion’s services to the users of the Ethos Platform.

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