Ethereum Millionaires Tell Their Stories

Ethereum Millionaires

Undoubtedly, you have heard or will still hear about cryptocurrency and in particular, Ethereum millionaires. Ethereum is the second cryptocurrency traded and nowadays, in some places, it is privilidged more than Bitcoin. That’s why, as any product grows with the IPO system, this currency with ethereal speed reached its top, rising many from the slums, others from the luxurious coaches to place them on diamond sofas.

Biditex distinguished some of the stories that were particularly interesting and mostly referred to 2017 viral crypto trade.

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#1 From $2000 to a million

Jordan Travers is a young man who was lucky enough to predict the asset’s growth. Assets turned to be golden Ethereum. He bought Ethereum worth $2000 and just waited. Some say patience is the shortest way to success. Literally, it was for this very young man.

#2 Jeffrey Burns

The story of Jeffrey Burns is interesting not as how he gained the millions through Ethereum but rather how he wanted to spend them. In the Nevada desert, he wanted to build Utopia, and he bought the land paying $170 million in cash. Maybe, it is not a utopia, as creating a high-tech park doesn’t sound to be behind the mountains. In this land, people will control their own money enjoying the freedom granted by the blockchain. Mr. Burns certainly has ambitions that care about giving people financial freedom, though as a matter of fact his land of “freedom” is centralized by the creator himself and hardly varies from the system governed by the central banks.

#3 Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik Buterin is the man who created a coin like Ether. This young and slim man is a Russian-Canadian programmer and writer who chose to become a millionaire while as a teen. He was only 17 when his father made him aware of what is Bitcoin and the possibilities that could be unlocked with an effort and genius this young man had. He was a real prodigy so, after only 2 years at the age of 19, he was able to write a white paper of Ethereum.

Well, he didn’t leave his passion for writing and founded Bitcoin Magazine. Now Vitalik Buterin is considered to be one of the most successful “crypto leaders” as Ethereum has rather a great success and lies in the core of many Blockchain products. Overall his wealth is estimated to fluctuate between $400 to $500 million. He never holds more than 0.9% of all Ethereum in circulation.


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