DigiByte will tokenize the world

5 years ago I received around 20 greeting cards for my birthday.
This year just 3. Handwritten, from my mum, mother in law and an old aunt.
No need to feel sorry. It’s not that I don’t have that much friends anymore.
Cards are being digitalized. We receive letters and cards by email, whats-app, telegram.

The world has changed.

5 years ago I carried a leather wallet, stuffed with some nicely colored Dutch notes. Now I have a mobile phone with a banking app and a DigiByte wallet stuffed with DGB Cryptocurrency.

The world has changed.

5 years ago I used all kind of papers and forms, like a telephone book, insurance papers and tax declaration forms. Now we are using online pages, PDF files attached to emails and online forms.

The world has changed.

But these changes also involve greater risks. In this new digital world security vulnerabilities has increased dramatically.
Large companies are still struggling with the security and protection of our personal data. Still too often we read in the news about data breaches.
It seems rather difficult, or even impossible to find a solution with the current data infrastructure.

It’s about time to become aware, and to recognize, that Blockchain Technology is the solution to this.

5 Years ago the first block in the DigiByte blockchain was being mined, the so called Genesis block. Based on the code of Bitcoin, but improved without the flaws, Jared Tate has created the DigiByte Blockchain. He saw an opportuniy to fix security vulnerabilities on the internet today.
Today, after almost 8M blocks, we’re celebrating its 5 year anniversary.

The world is still changing.

Today, the way we transfer documents has been digitalized.
Today, the way we transfer money has been digitalized and tokenized.
Tomorrow, the way we transfer money, documents, tickets, goods or just anything, will be tokenized.

This year DigiByte will deliver the DigiAssets protocol.
An eco-system to tokenize the world. Tokenization by DigiAssets means transfer of anything. Counterfeit-proof, immutable and permanent recorded in the DigiByte blockchain, without a security vulnerability.

Today we are using different browsers, email applications, Operating Systems and so on. There is not just one protocol used as a solution for all.
DigiByte will not be the only solution to tokenize the world.
But I am convinced, because of its superior technology, DigiByte can play a leading role in a new tokenized world.

The last 5 years were amazing and exciting, the next 5 years even more.
DigiByte is ready for it. Are you?


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