Despite the cold bear market, MATRIX AI ushers in the most bullish AMA in the blockchain space

As MATRIX’s mainnet launch draws closer and closer (Dec 31), the Matrix’s team and CEO decided to hold an AMA session to provide the community with all the latest details and news regarding the project. To the community’s surprise, the AMA revealed a plethora of bullish information. This article will focus on the more bullish aspects of the AMA.

Q: “Ive heard Matrix is spreading into gaming industry and health care but haven’t heard anything new related to OBOR. Is Matrix still an exclusive blockchain partner of One Belt One Road? Would be interesting to hear some news about what Man is planning/doing in this regards. Holding huge bag of man and planning to run a Node but wanted some updates. Thank you.”

A: “As most of you know, MATRIX has signed an exclusive cooperation agreement with the Belt and Road Development Centre (一带一路战略发展研究中心). Nothing has changed on this front — the agreement is still in place.

MATRIX is tasked with supporting the research center’s future projects in all things blockchain and artificial intelligence. Alongside this initiative, MATRIX has been actively deploying projects in countries along the Belt and Road. Thus far, these projects have related to Internet of Things, Asset Digitization and Supply Chain.”

Q: “Has Matrix signed any contracts with enterprise clients either for the use of Computing power or the blockchain itself?”

A: “Currently, our efforts in establishing standards are focused on our partnership with HuaBiao. Besides working on creating national blockchain standards for China, we’ve also started working on specific standards for Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain as part of a new council called the China Standard’s and Innovation Alliance’s Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Council.

MATRIX has signed contracts with enterprise clients. For example, there are plans in place to build a MATRIX artificial intelligence computing center in the Shanxi and Xinjiang Provinces of China.”

Q: “Are there any (publishable non-specific) statistics on the 301 hospital involvement with MATRIX so far? E.g. how many positive cancer detections have been achieved so far, the overall number of detection runs etc. Or is this project only starting in mainnet?”

A: “Unfortunately, I can not share the specific data due to a variety of confidentiality agreements. However, the diagnostic system we jointly-developed will launch on the MATRIX AI Network.”

Q: “Does the very first promotional video created by MATRIX reflect on the general vision of MATRIX A Network? E.g. will there be further interconnected devices developed and produced by MATRIX that rely on IOT and the MATRIX chain? AND, there was a reference to HUMAN GENOME CALCULATION, is this a field MATRIX will engage with in the future using the MCMC algorithm?”

A: “Though it is admittedly a vision of the future, I would say yes. As for the human genome project, we’ve already entered into a strategic cooperation with a number of genetic testing companies and have started studying actionable application methods.”

Q: “Please could we get an update on the One Belt project, what is in the pipeline and what ground works have been put in place/accomplished? Thanks!”

A: “Most of the projects are in their early stages and relate to Smart Cities, Internet of Things, Asset Digitization, etc.”

Q: “What according to your plans will be [some of] the first dapps to in the Matrix Ecosystem?”

A: “We have several Dapps in development that we plan to launch alongside the mainnet. For example, we expect to release a demo of our AI Medical Diagnostic System at the end of the year.”

Q: “How many projects have been announced to run on the matrix blockchain? Is there currently an overview of all planned/running projects to have a look at?”

A:There are currently over 10 projects planned to run/are running on the MATRIX AI Network. While we aren’t ready to announce them by name — and some of these announcement decisions will be theirs to make — projects relate to Internet of Things, Finance, Medical Diagnosis, Asset Digitization, Distributed Storage, Big Data, Social Services, etc.”

Q: “January 2020 –Age of Wonder/ Mining & Applications / Mining ICs / Computing/mining facility / Big data applications

What can Matrix fans expect in 2020 during the age of wonder phase? Can you tell us more about each segment listed above? What is Matrix’s goal with the “Mining ICs” and the Mining facilities? What is the plan for the big data applications?”

A: “Our vision for this phase is as follows:

  • Everyone’s assets and contracts are truly secure; protected by MATRIX’s AI technology
  • Everyone is free to use intelligent contracts to manage their daily lives and assets
  • Everyone can train and design their own AI services
  • Everyone’s computing power contributions are being used to create value
  • Everyone has come together to effectively create the world’s largest computing power network to start simulating human neural networks in an effort to explore and uncover the mysteries of the human brain
  • Everyone, by supporting and powering MATRIX’s intelligent diagnosis and treatment systems, contributes to improving people’s medical conditions

This will represent the dawn of the Strong Artificial Intelligence era.

[Also] Our plans are to design an artificial intelligence chip that can be widely used — for more things than just mining. For example, this chip can provide services for individuals and organizations that need AI computing.

We use IPFS to manage and store data, and AI algorithms to process data. There are currently a couple big data projects being developed; we are incubating one and providing technical support for another. In the future, people who contribute valid data on the MATRIX AI Network will be eligible for rewards. Similarly, such people will be able to enjoy whatever new products are derived from this data processing.”

Q: “Will the AI image processing algorithms be further developed? If so, are there existing plans to integrate this into government surveillance programs in China/elsewhere? And, will the MATRIX chain be used eventually for real timevideo pose/ object detection?”

A: “Absolutely! We will continue to develop these AI image processing algorithms. This is an important component of our core technology.

We currently plan to use this technology in some Smart City projects. However, there is no plan for surveillance programs. These AI services are core to the MATRIX AI Network. For example, the underlying image detection technology will be used in our cancer diagnostic system.”

Q: “Will there be new partnerships and exchanges after mainnet?”

A: “Yes. We have several things lined up.”

Q: “Will any the off chain settlement code/programs be patented?”

“ Has any team other than IDA opted to build on Matrix framework, or expressed interest?”

A: “As of now, over 10 patent applications have been filed. [Also] Several projects relating to games, Internet of Things, logistics, etc. have expressed interest to build on the MATRIX AI Network.”

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