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​Why Most People Lose Money Day-Trading (And How to Not Be One of Them)​

By Tim Garlick

Day-trading is hard, and most people lose money at it. I definitely have. In fact, I once lost more money in a single day than many people earn in an entire year at a regular job.

​Workers Reach Out for the Best Benefits Plan​

By Jim Katzaman

Much has changed about healthcare over the last few decades. That makes it an even greater challenge to properly educate and enable employees before asking them to choose health benefits.

​DeFi Is Booming, But There Are Caveats To This Killer DApp​

By Vincent Tabora

DeFi is providing an alternative financing instrument for loans, funding and exchanges that do not require the usual documents and papers in traditional finance.

​Data Apocalypse Later​

By Peter Stannack

We need to think bigger. Not just in terms of how we scale, but also in terms of who we include. And how we include them.

​5 Great Ways to Invest in September You Need to Know​

By Tom Handy

Five stocks outperforming in 2020.

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​What is the Decentralised Exchange(DEX) in Simple Terms?​

By Rahul Raj

These new exchanges for decentralized finance (DeFi) have inherited the advantages of blockchain: decentralization, censorship resistance (such as no KYC), extremely high security, and unalterable data.

​A Data-Driven Guide to Direct Mail Marketing​

By Frederik Bussler

Direct mail may seem outdated in the age of personalized ads and chatbots, but the reality is that it can be an amazing technique.

​The End of the Multidisciplinary Project Manager​

By Daniele Fontani

Having a multidisciplinary PM is not a mistake. This is the right response to the market needs for small projects.

​Calculating Your FIRE Number​

By Roy Herrod

FIRE stands for Financial Independence / Retire Early and is a growing movement as people take control of their financial futures. It represents the concept of being free from the requirement to have a 9–5 job in order to earn money to survive.

​3 Ways to Evaluate the Performance of your Investment Strategy​

By Ivann Fok

One day, Mr. Tesla and Mr. FAANG bumped into each other at a bar, got drunk, and started arguing with each other about who is the better investor.

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