DDI Weekly Selection — November 19, 2018

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Will an ETF Transform Bitcoin like it did in Gold?

by Justin Chan — 7 min read

March 28th 2003. That was the date the world’s first gold exchange-traded fund (ETF), ETFS Physical Gold (GOLD), made its entrance on the world stage. Around 18 months later, the largest and most renowned physically-backed gold ETF, SPDR Gold Trust (GLD), was up and running. From then on, things had been never the same again…

During the 15 or so years since their introduction, ETFs have had a seismic impact on the gold market. Even simply in terms of price, an ounce of the yellow metal was valued at around $330 when GOLD first launched. Today, it’s well over $1200, having very nearly breached $1800 back in 2011.

Should we be worried about our past?

by Nabeel Tahir — 4 min read

In his revealing and subliminal book on Business Strategy, Only the Paranoid Survive, Intel’s C.E.O Andrew S. Grove (God rest his soul) wrote one of the most eerie sentences;


At the time, or maybe even today, the most popular and well-accepted interpretation of the quote is one of motivation.

What if it wasn’t so, what if Andrew S. Grove was alluding to something far more sinister; a warning to future users, to be careful, to be paranoid.

The Death of Discretionary Asset Management and Rise of Data-Driven Investment

by John DeCleene — 5 min read

Data-driven services have made the active asset management industry experience a major shakeup, as these investment strategies (especially digital services) continue to grow in popularity. Their lower cost and greater efficiency make them more and more attractive to potential clients.

Discretionary fund management is losing its appeal to investors. These firms typically charge based on a 2/20 structure, while rarely beating the success of index funds. Algorithmic investment models continue to rise because they tend to deliver better yields while keeping costs low. As a result, many traditional investment management firms have transitioned to try to stay competitive.

How To Invest In The Next Century

by Michael Bagguley — 7 min read

We’re seeing a confluence of two trends taking shape regarding the health of Americans. Millennials and Generation-Z are conscious of the ethical and ecological origins of their food, but at the same time are dining out and buying prepared food at a higher rate than previous generations. So far, one of the first movers in this space, Blue Apron, had their IPO go largely unsuccessful. Are there any players in this space that you’re watching, that could be the future of this space?

Your Idea Is Worthless. This Is What Matters

by Fahim Saleh — 4 min read

You may have a great idea, but that doesn’t make you a successful entrepreneur.

With the idea, you’re about 1% of the way there — because a successful business is only 1% idea. The other 99%?

  • Assembling a great team
  • Researching and fully understanding your market
  • Marketing better than everyone else in your market
  • Obtaining ample funding
  • Putting your company in a sustainable position
  • Getting timing right

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