DDI Weekly Selection — December 17, 2018

Photo by Billy Huynh on Unsplash

Tech Giants Remain Bullish on Blockchain

by Justin Chan — 6 min read

It’s not exactly controversial to declare 2018 as a disastrous year for cryptocurrencies.

With last year’s spectacular boom now a fading memory, the ongoing bear market has drained investor interest in tokenized projects, while user adoption of crypto remains largely underwhelming.

The situation has, expectedly, triggered a perverse sense of satisfaction from the perennial doom mongers — those who rarely seek to understand anything of transformative potential. Lacking the capacity to imagine, many have ended up being proven right for the wrong reason. Sad!

The Future of Social Media on the Blockchain

by John Kenny — 6 min read

Is there a future for social media on the blockchain?

Even after the debacle of the Cambridge Analytica data leak, we continue to hear of new scandals surrounding the Facebook empire. This has lead to a growing need to find alternative platforms where we can trust that our personal data is kept private and secure.

The blockchain and its ‘un-hackable’ nature is the ideal foundation to build new trusted solutions on which we can all have faith.

Why I Suck At Selling My Service (And What I’m Doing About It)

by Chris Orzechowski — 5 min read

This past week I was at the RFL Supergroup Mastermind Meeting, of which I am a member.

It was 12 of us writers.

Spending two days together, helping each other take our shit to the next level.

On the second day, we did a series of “hot seats.”

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, a hot seat is just a session where you tell everyone all of your goals and obstacles… and the entire group spends time helping you work through your shit.

Canadian City of Calgary launches its own digital currency

by Faisal Khan — 5 min read

It’s been a painstakingly agonizing year for the Crypto bulls — Ask anyone who had invested in the decentralized digital currencies at the beginning of the year or late last year when the cryptocurrencies were peaking only to see their investments take a nosedive throughout the year. Having said that though, the general Crypto adoption & institutional support and investment has seen a contradictory upswing. There are still regulatory issues that need to be sorted out but everybody agrees unanimously that the innovative spirit the whole Blockchain/Crypto movement has sparked should not be curtailed with proper safeguards for the general investor.

The Real Job of a Coach: Get the Hell Out of the Way of Your Clients’ Success

by Julia E Hubbel — 9 min read

“It’s my job to believe in my clients,” he said. “I see what they’re capable of, which is infinite. My work is to ask the right questions to get them to see what they can do, then encourage them through that process.”

I was interviewing Orvel Ray Wilson, who has authored a number of the most influential sales and business books on the market. About eight years ago, I hired Wilson as my book coach. That collaboration resulted in two prize-winning books, among many other outcomes. This is a guy who knows his stuff, far more than just being one of the world’s top sales trainers many years running.

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