DDI Weekly Selection — August 13, 2018

Bitmain — the Cryptomining behemoth aims for total dominance

by Faisal Khan — 6 min

China has become the breeding ground for tech startups in the past few years. With a large pool of skilled entrepreneurs coupled with massive capital at its disposal, it has provided the perfect conditions for these aspiring millenials to innovate & thrive. One such glaring example is the Cryptomining giant Bitmain. Who knew a casual restaurant conversation between the two founders of Bitmain in 2013 would create a company that will become a dominating name in the Crypto space.

Augur, Assassination and Morality on the Blockchain

by Shashank Pattekar — 5 min read

The chilling 2014 film Nightcrawler charts the rise of Jake Gyllenhaal’s Lou Bloom, a mildly psychotic, Travis Bickle-like character who goes from being made unemployed, having been caught stealing on the job, to becoming a successful ‘stringer’ — a freelance photojournalist who sells footage of serious and often bloody crimes to local news stations.

Will Blockchain Technology Destroy the Monopoly of Online Travel Agencies?

by Mina Down — 4 min read

Perhaps you remember the days of going in person to a brick and mortar travel agent’s office, having them advise you of available flight itineraries, and looking through catalogs to choose a hotel. If you do remember this then you know how radically the travel industry has changed in recent years. The internet changed the playing field with the emergence of aggregator websites that allow travellers to book flights and hotels themselves with just a few clicks, eliminating almost all physical travel agencies around the world in the process. Now, however, the travel industry is set to be disrupted again by a new blockchain technology.

Neanderthals versus DeepQ Robotraders (with Real Life Prices) — Round 1

by G. Lemus — 8 min read

A gambler wanted and edge for betting in horse races, so she wrote to the local university, asking for help from academia. A multidisciplinary team of professors was assembled, headed by a theoretical physicist, and two weeks of intensive on-site investigation took place. The scholars then returned to the university, notebooks crammed with data, where the task of writing the report was left to the team leader. Shortly thereafter the physicist returned, saying to the gambler, “I have the solution, but it works only in the case of spherical horses in a vacuum”.

Living with Sacred Technology

by Daily Wisdom — 4 min read

While technology extends to every region of our world, it has become the milieu in which we live as it has almost become a universal, dominating, virtually sacred force in our lives.

One of the scholars, who eloquently wrote on this subject was the French author Jacques Ellul. In The Technological Society, Ellul actually preferred the use of the word ‘la Technique’ which refers to the totality, the ensemble of “means” (tools and methods) characterized by rationality, artificiality, and the quest for efficiency rather than to isolated, individual machines or methods. Thus, the term also includes human technologies like psychotherapy, public relations, and industrial management in addition to cars or computers. In Neil Postman’s term, we live in a “technopoly” — a culture surrendered to technology.

Responsible Investing and Alphabet Soup in the EU

by Tim Fright — 4 min read

The Paris Agreement on climate change took place in December 2015 with signatories agreeing to keep the rise in global temperatures below 2 degrees Celsius (above pre-industrial levels). This summer, a number of wildfires, and continued coverage of climate change in the news, has meant that this issue is rightfully gaining greater public awareness. Yet achieving that 2 degrees goal will not happen without the financial sector.

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