DDI Editor’s Pick

Build Awareness to Rock Your World

By Jim Katzaman

“Many bloggers want to build awareness either for themselves or their business, or personal bloggers may want to build awareness for an idea or theme they are passionate about,” Collier said.

“But by default, if you are wanting to build awareness, you are wanting to connect with an audience who does not know you,” he said. “That’s why they are unaware and you are trying to raise awareness.” Such recognition won’t occur if the blogger focuses…[Read more]

How to Create Your Own Cryptocurrency and Make Your Business Ready For The Future

By Paresh Sagar

Does your business actually need cryptocurrency? Just answer the questions below, and you will get a clear picture:
Will your business be on the internet?
Does your revenue come more from digital payments than hard cash?
Will an online payment option increase your userbase?
Do you plan to stay in business for more than a couple of years? If the answer to all these questions is “yes” then your business needs a…[Read more]

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