Data Driven Investor — Rewind #9

Start Up Your Startup: 13 Things You Need to Know Before Creating Your Own Startup Company

by Tatiana Bonneau — 8 min read

We’ve heard a lot about Startups here in AMAfeed having featured tons of Sessions which might made you think of taking the leap into the industry, and we can actually see why — with all the opportunities this venture can offer, there’s no question as to why entrepreneurs place their bets on startups, regardless of their potential setbacks. Startups are indeed the excellent way to launch your mark in the industry you are about to take by storm.

Have you decided yet? Before you get started, we have three questions for you:

Be Interesting, Then Watch What Happens.

by Justin Jarvinen — 4 min read

Humans want to share — ideas, expertise, life experience. As social creatures, sharing, learning and using our new knowledge to improve our condition is a loop that has existed since the beginning of time. Facebook and Twitter were built on this dynamic. But sharing within the context of close friends and family is completely different than, say, opening up about something personal with co-workers or people you’ve just met. It’s uncomfortable and risky.

What if they think my story is stupid?

As leaders, our job is to get the best thinking out of our people. We can all agree that our job, no matter where we exist in our company’s hierarchy, is to create value. The receptionist at the front desk provides guests with their first impression of your business. Could he or she be a valuable source of information, particularly when the discussion is ‘improving the customer experience’? Of course. No question.

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