Data Driven Investor — Rewind #6

Why Investors Cannot Outperform Simple Benchmarks

by Michael Melissinos — 3 min read

Many investors believe the ticket to riches is a superior investing strategy. If they can just get their hands on the secret formulas of the “pros”, they can make money every month of every year with minimal downside.

Many different strategies work, but not many investors earn the returns these strategies produce. Buy-and-hold works; contrarian works; value works; as does technical, trend-following and so on. However, many investors, continue underperforming the strategy itself.

The reason? A lack of discipline. Many different diets get us lean and healthy, but not many stick with it long enough to work. We jump from one to the next and never get anywhere.

The Clash of Automatons

by Daily Wisdom — 6 min read

As AI (Artificial Intelligence) continues to progress and businesses across the globe benefit from its capabilities, it’s important to ensure that the technology is being harnessed for good, to create a better, fairer society. AI systems are already superior to humans in certain tasks such as image recognition, data analysis and problem-solving tasks. These advances present a wealth of ethical questions surrounding biases that could appear in the data, security issues, and potential consequences if systems are hacked or used irresponsibly. There are several ‘guidelines’ for ethical practices of AI such as the way data is handled and the processes developers should go through when creating a product, but there are still grey areas which are a cause for concern.

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