, The New Paradigm Shift When it Comes To Buying and Selling Crypto

Cryptocurrency has come a long way since the inception of Bitcoin in 2009. Currently, more people are trading and using cryptocurrency than ever before; as the world gradually accepts the cryptocurrencies, their importance in the financial world increases. It is, therefore necessary to bridge the gap that currently exists between the world of cryptocurrencies and real-world financial assets. Enter is stepping up to bridge this gap through its innovative platform. The platform hopes to transition the market into the future of trading. A substantial portion of the market is currently traded at the NYSE; however, with the right instruments, this can move to a platform like

The Ultimate Trading Platform

Through, traders can access a variety of global financial instruments. It creates an ecosystem where no discrimination exists. Trading is possible with or without fiat currencies. This allows cryptocurrency investors to diversify their portfolios. For example, a crypto investor can invest in silver or gold seamlessly through

To achieve its seamless trading capabilities, had to meet the following market demands:

1. Regulation meets the requirements of the Belarusian financial regulator. It is the world’s first regulated tokenized-asset crypto exchange. This separates it from its competitors in the market, such as Bitmex. Because their competitors lack any proper regulations, they put their users at risk when trading.

The regulation also allows to trade directly with banks and other centralized financial institutions. This gives them a strategic advantage over their competitors who may have limited access due to their lack of regulation. The regulation further gives the platform access to more investment opportunities that its users can easily access.

Recently, received further recognition. The Gibraltar Financial Service Commission awarded a distributed technology license.

2. Variety

To attract a larger audience, needed variety. The first step was getting regulation, which would allow it to access more real-world assets. then partnered with the regulated and respected Their partnership allows users of to trade seamlessly with both crypto and non-crypto assets.

3. Security follows all AML rules and stringent security measures to keep their platform secure and their users safe. It also offers risk management through real-time price alerts and negative balance protection.

4. Flexibility

Through, you can trade Bitcoin for a variety of digital assets, including tokenized stocks and indices.

Products and Services is equipped with products and services that enable users to trade competitively in various markets. These include,

1. Buy Bitcoin

The platform makes buying Bitcoin a smooth experience through its Buy Bitcoin application, available in the Apple store. You can purchase Bitcoin via credit card directly from your smartphone. supports payments via MasterCard and VISA. You can also purchase Bitcoin via bank payments through the app.

2. The Pro Exchange platform houses all trading options under the pro exchange platform. It features state-of-the-art services that make trading seamless. With the tokens, users are given access to investments in top global markets. Users who purchase tokenized assets can store them securely on the platform. The assets can be withdrawn at their convenience.

With, users also get 75 technically accurate indicators to improve on their investment choices. The charts are easy to read and help users spot extra trading opportunities. They also help users improve their market tracking.

For a personalized experience, the charts are customizable. You can tailor your charts to your liking by changing how they look and, most importantly the assets they track.

All the pro exchange services are accessible through a mobile application available for both Android and iOS. The application makes trading in smart, simple, and safe. Safety on the application is enhanced through 2FA. Users get the same functionalities in the application as they would when using a browser.

3. API

The API allows users to build their own trading experience on the platform. Currency API allows individuals or various entities to automate their trading strategies through the platform. Trading options available using the API include tokenized currency pairs, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. also offers its risk management tools when using the API. Thus, even in automated trading, users are assured of mitigating factors against excessive losses.

4. Company tokens allows its users to invest in a company’s tokens. With as low as $100, you can place your investment and earn a 5.5% annual interest, which is higher than any bank rate. Further, investing in company tokens gives users the opportunity to earn higher interest depending on the company’s performance.

When opting in, charges zero commission for the withdrawal/deposit of funds or the buying and selling of the tokens. To give confidence to investors, records that the tokens invested in are secured by valuable collateral such as property and surety.

The tokens give users a chance to earn higher interest rates compared to bank deposits.


In all its dealings, maintains transparency. Trading fees are made clear to potential users when joining, to prevent any unnecessary misunderstanding. Currency is also transparent on regulations and its operations. Through its transparency, the platform will gain confidence from its growing user-base as a trustworthy crypto trading platform.

Conclusion occupies a crucial position in this transitionary phase for cryptocurrency. It gives access to the best of both decentralized and centralized markets. Through its adherence to regulations, stands apart from any of its competition.

With its steadily growing user base, may grow to become one of the biggest trading platforms in the decentralized market.

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Disclaimer: I don’t stand to gain any benefit from my review of the trading platform. This article is not intended as investment advice. It is just my opinion. As always, DYOR before investing., The New Paradigm Shift When it Comes To Buying and Selling Crypto was originally published in Data Driven Investor on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.