Cryptocurrency Review: Weekly Recap Of Famous Coins

It has been a disastrous month for the crypto market as we have seen the fall of many great currencies. Some Crypto-currencies reached their lowest price in the past month (comparing with the prices of the whole year). Some were at their peak, however, because of the market crash, their prices were affected as well. Before the crash, Ripple made history as it finally rose from 3rd to 2nd rank in the market cap. EOS and Bitcoin cash lost their ranks.
Moreover, Bitcoin cash was at its lowest price. However, in this past week, crypto-currencies started to recover. Many of them began to get their prices back, and some even won back their ranks. This week’s recap will mainly include famous and well known coins, because this week was the only week where they all performed well in the past month.

Bitcoin cash.
Bitcoin cash was one of those currencies that got affected the most from the crash. On some days, we were seeing a downfall of 40% on price. And exactly one week ago on (16/Dec/2018), it was listed at $81.39 per coin, and it had a market capitalization of 1,442,020,018 USD. But this week Bitcoin cash had a high performance, with more or less constant growth rate in the price, in a week it managed to get a boost of 146%, as of now (23/Dec/2018), it has an estimate of 202.56 USD ( looking at the ratio of BCH/USDT) and a market cap of 3,550,168,952 USD. And it is now ranked at 4th place (which was the rank of stellar before this past week). Although it did not reach the price that it was at the beginning of the month, which was approximately $540, but it indeed will, if it continues at this pace.

Ethereum lost more than 15.5 Billion dollars of market cap (comparing the prices in the last three months). Ethereum did not get its 2nd rank back from Ripple. However, it had a high performance with +15.44% change in price in the past 24 hours, and a boost of 50% in both market cap and the price. A week ago it had a price of 86.58, but now it is listed at 129.02 USD, and it has a market cap of 13,413,793,735 USD, which recovered them approximately 4 billion USD in the market cap.

Ripple is one the most talked about crypto-currencies in this past year; it was having a great performances each week. However, it was poorly affected by the market crash. Ripples price before the crash was playing around $0.5 to $0.6 per coin. We have seen a significant downfall in price and on (15/Dec/2018) Ripple was priced at 0.288 USD. Although it did not lose its rank, but because of the downfall in price, it lost a considerable amount of its market capitalization. However, during this week, a significant rise was seen in the price. As of today (23/Dec/2018), Ripple has 0.375 USD in price, which is an increase of 30% from last week’s worth, and it now has a market cap of 15,297,297,829 USD.


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