Crypto Stamps 2.0

Are the Crypto Stamps 2.0 profitable?

Today at noon during the online Anon Summit the new Crypto Stamp Generation was released.

Last year the first Crytpo Stamp Generatoin was launched by the Austrian Post. This was a check card with an Ethereum Wallet in the form of a PaperWallet. The stamp features a unicorn. The first collection was very successful. The prices per stamp more than doubled. The red Cryptostamp from the first collection even cracked the 6000 Euro per stamp. One percent of the total stamps were the red Cryptostamps. One stamp cost 6.90 when purchased.

Now for the second edition. The second edition was published today, on 20.5.2020. The presale phase has already begun and they will be available at Austrian post offices from 25 June.

This time there are four different stamps in 4 different colours. Each stamp will sell 60,000 copies.

On the stamp you can see a honey badger, a doge (face from Dogecoin), llama and a panda.

The small but fearless honey badger is associated with Bitcoin Cash, the fourth largest crypto currency.

The llama is associated with one of the first products that could be bought for Bitcoin: llama wool socks from Massachusetts.

The popular and somewhat clumsy bear represents the animal for traders from the Asian region.

The doge is an Internet phenomenon. The face of the Dogecoin was used.

As you can see the Onchain Doge stamps are already sold out after 1 hour…

This time they are not check cards, but the stamps are nicely wrapped, but made of paper. They are suitable as stamps and can be glued wet.

In conclusion, I can say that digital investments or investments in the block-chain area are becoming more and more interesting and as soon as the critical mass is reached, the market will explode or has already exploded.

The Crypto stamps are available in the online shop of the Austrian Post. You can also buy your stamps via Ethereum (Metamask) on this linked page.

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