Crypto Needs Legit Research Right Now

Crypto Needs Legitimate Research Right Now

I finally got around to writing this after clearing my inbox of the plethora of daily crypto alerts I subscribe to. Crypto news outlets play an important role in letting us know what’s going on, and the number of providers, both paid and unpaid has ballooned.

Above is clearly a very scientific model

There’s nothing wrong with increasing number of news sources, its great for spreading the news on projects, events, and what’s happening. Although professionals in the ecosystem need the next logical step; institutional quality research full of high-quality exhibits, valuation models and original thinking.

Professional investors, analysts, and funds (traditional and crypto) need credible research to share with their colleagues and investment committees to make investment decisions. These same groups want one high-quality source to curate research topics instead of aimlessly browsing Reddit/twitter for hours.

At 51percent we provide all of this; extensive and original research coupled with valuation models that go way beyond the surface. Our goal is not to replace news sources, but to provide the next step — the extensive research many in crypto require.

Below is just one of many exhibits from our actionable report on MakerDAO.

Wait — You’re Doing Crypto Models

Just today we had an insightful conversation with the team at Arca, a leading crypto fund, and client of 51percent. We dove into our MakerDAO report going well beyond the surface into how the system works, our models and a full discussion — we do this with all of our clients.

“Tom provides the unique combination of deep-dive token analysis and reliable service that we are used to in traditional asset management. Worth every penny.”

Jeff Dorman — PM of Arca Funds

Thus far, 51percent has released numerous actionable reports on specific projects (MakerDAO, 0x, Ripple/XRP) and higher level thought pieces on the space itself (Custody, ETFs), with many more to come. One project we built an extensive report and model for increased by over 100% several weeks after we released our report.

Our research is bolstered by our leading crypto podcast, just today we were honored to have on Emin Gün Sirer, an unparalleled voice in the space.

If you’re interested in professional crypto research visit View our full MakerDAO report now.

51percent Crypto Research

51percent Crypto Research provides institutional crypto research spanning extensive reports on specific projects to unbiased thought pieces on the industry for analysts, hedge funds, family offices asset managers and investors. The firm offers detailed valuation models, actionable picks and an industry leading podcast featuring the top leaders in crypto. Learn more at 51percent also offers an industry leading crypto research podcast (iTunes, Spotify and Podbean).

Disclosures: This research is strictly informational and is not investment advice. Do not buy or sell any securities, tokens or cryptocurrencies based upon this research. This research strictly reflects our views, which can be wrong.

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