CoinxPad: The First Cex / Dex Multi-chain IDO Launchpad

What is CoinxPad

In this article, we are going to talk about CoinxPad (, a new platform where anyone can get access to the best new tokens before they appear on other centralized or decentralized exchanges. The best way to invest in pre-sale tokens and get them at the best possible price before they explode.


The Launchpad application is the main tool of the CoinxPad ecosystem that allows the best projects and teams to raise funds with Coinxpad, benefiting its community of investors, and thus the users of the ecosystem can invest in them through presales.

Goals of CoinxPad

The main objective of CoinxPad is to create a safe destination for small / medium / large pre-sale investors and early stage projects.

On the one hand, investors benefit from exclusive access to innovative and secure projects and rewarding investments in each blockchain. In addition, projects benefit from our partnership, providing free audits by our team of blockchain experts and developers and a dedicated community ready to support them. Only the best projects and teams that meet our strict evaluations will be able to raise funds with Coinxpad’s launch pad. On the other hand, investors benefit from our approach by having access to secure and reliable projects that have the highest chance of success.

Main features of CoinxPad platform

  • 5% redistributed in USDT: 5% of each transaction is redistributed to all holders. With a minimum of 200000 $CXPAD tokens, any user can earn USDT.
  • 3% Automatic Liquidity Pool: 3% of each transaction contributes to generate liquidity that automatically goes to PancakeSwap to add value to the token.
  • 2% Marketing: 2% of each transaction is allocated in the marketing budget and contributes to drive platform development and promotions.
  • USDT every 60 minutes: Every 60 minutes USDT will be automatically sent to the contributors’ wallet, so no claim is needed.
  • Cex-Dex Launch Pad: Platform to find the best innovative projects and investments within the blockchain world.
  • Locked Liquidity: Most of the initial liquidity provided will be locked in Unicrypt.
  • Intelligent investment: Two-round system and capped allocation for each IDO to allow access to high-quality projects for all users.
  • Safer investment: All projects launched will be vetted and audited to ensure Coinxpad investors have more security against scams and rugs.


The token will be $CXPAD, an utility token inside CoinxPad ecosystem, whit which you can buy presale tokens of your favourite upcoming launchpad projects. CXPAD token follows the BEP-20 protocol inside Binance Smart Chain network. It allows low fees and instant transactions.

Token name: CoinxPad
Token symbol: CXPAD
Total Supply: 100,000,000,000 CXPAD

CXPAD presale

The token can be purchased during the pre-sale phase through Unicrypt, a fully decentralized platform dedicated to automated pre-sales that is connected to liquidity lockers.

A total of 72% of the allocated tokens will go to presale + liquidity + commissions, 13% will be burned and the other 15% for the team. In other words, of the fee tokens (which will be approximately 10% of the total), 5% will be distributed in USDT, 3% will be added to the automatic liquidity pool and the rest will be for marketing purposes.

The pre-sale is conducted in two rounds. The first one reserved for UNCX and/or UNCL token holders and has a duration of 2 hours. The second round will start if the first round is not sold out in 2 hours. In this second round, anyone can participate and is subject to a whitelist.


CoinxPad is the first platform to launch a CEX and DEX launchapd at the same time, which brings with it a very well structured and studied business vision as they have in mind to launch two rounds for the token in order to favor the inclusion of many users and investors, which will make the project and the coin itself stronger.

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Telegram: Coinxpad

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