Can It Be Actually Real? 28 real concrete examples of blockchain tech applied in 5 industries!

We never thought it would be possible. But it is.

Finance, medicine, logistics, energy sector, public administration…
Latest list of concrete examples in which the blockchain technology is already used +5 updates!

Financial institutions, 13 examples:

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→ Digital contracts for the investment process (Alfa-Bank, Masterchane, Ethereum).

→ Safe exchange of banking KYC-forms (AK BARS Bank, Sberbank, Bank Opening, Allianz, Aegon, Munich Re, Swiss Re, Zurich, Liberty Mutual).

→ Identification of customers (SecureKey; RosEvroBank and Microsoft Rus).

→ Corporate voting (Broadridge Financial Solutions, JPMorgan, Northern Trust).

→ Interbank transfer of funds (Commercial Bank, Qatar, banks of Turkey, UAE, Egypt, India).

→ Interbank settlement system (Euroclear, Citi banks, Scotiabank).

→ Real estate transactions via blockchain (ABN Amro, IBM).

→ Control of settlements with suppliers of household appliances and electronics under factoring agreements via blockchain (M.Video and Sbertech).

→ Exchange of documents (Digital Ecosystem, Sberbank and FAS Russia).

→ Management of loyalty programs (IBM, Royal Bank of Canada, UnionPay).

→ Optimization of stock exchange bids for options (Moscow Stock Exchange and Waves Platform).

→ Oil trading (Natixis, Hyperledger Fabric, IBM, Trafigura).

→ Trading in securities of public companies (Australian Stock Exchange, Digital Asset Holdings).

Energy sector, 4 examples:

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→ Sale and purchase of electricity (Grid Singularity, Consensus Systems).

→ Direct purchase and sale of electricity (Powerpeers, Vattenfall Europe Innovation GmbH).

→ The charging platform for an electric vehicle and a trading platform for clean energy (RWE).

→ Trade in CO2 credits (Energy-Blockchain Labs, IBM).

Medicine, 3 examples:

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→ Exchange of medical information (IBM).

→The system of medical records cards (MedRec, MIT Media Lab).

→ The system of recipes accounting (Chronicled).

Logistics, 4 examples:

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→ Updated ERP (SAP with Deloitte).

→ Managing the delivery of products (Amazon, Walmart).

→ Supply Chain Management (BHP Billiton, IBM).

→ Deliveries of diamonds (Everledger).

Public administration, 4 examples:

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→ The registration of land rights (Bitfury, National Agency for Registration of Economic Entities of Georgia).

→ Sale of state assets, auctions (e-Auction 3.0, Distributed Labs).

→ Votings and surveys (NSD, Nasdaq for Estonia, State of Delaware, Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange).

→ Translation of state registries, social services, security agencies, health care, etc. (Smart Dubai with IBM, Ukraine with Bitfury Group).

The technology of distributed registers adds value to almost any industry.

Business is more interested in private blockchain, where the primary task of a distributed network is to confirm, but not be completely open. It has a regulator, a closed list of participants and full identification with the ability to store confidential information. In this logic, the field of commercial application of technology is unlimited, which motivates both large companies and startups.

More about companies using blockchain technologies, their cases and success stories — this November, at the largest Swiss blockchain conference.

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