BOTTOS AI: Public chain for AI|AGI|Robotics|IoT|VR/AR

BOTTOS AI: Creating The Biggest Decentralized Marketplace for Data and Models

Bottos implies the robot operating system, and bottos hints the BOT ATTOS(Italian). A combination of these two words means creating a distributed intelligent robot system with artificial intelligence developers from all over the world. Hence, Bottos was born.

Bottos is a Chinese blockchain project that seeks to power next-generation information technologies such as big data, robotics, artificial intelligence, IoT, smart devices, and VR/AR by creating the world’s biggest decentralized data marketplace. Ultimately, Bottos seeks to accelerate the realization of artificial intelligence and Artificial General Intelligence in its inclusive all-in-one AI ecosystem with through incentivized data circulation and model sharing.


Today, data for fueling these technologies is an underground war between tech titans that occurs in stealth mode under the veil of free application services. When we are using Google search, or using our Android smartphones, shopping online on Amazon our user activity is tracked, monetized and sold for future digital advertising. Bottos ushers in the future of data which eliminates middlemen and involves an open peer-to-peer data sharing economy. To achieve this, Bottos will incentivize users to share high-quality data, a process referred to as data mining, and through its pre-set data pricing models, availing the data to interested parties. Bottos promotes user privacy by giving them 100% authority over their data. The use of blockchain technology as a protocol for encrypting data enables innovative decentralized tamper proof data storage and further ensures data security in transmission.

Overall this reduces the trust cost of sharing that data and to facilitate the large scale collaboration of data, data is associated with an unforgeable digital signature.

Bottos ecosystem

The use of blockchain technology is the glue that facilitates everything in the Bottos AI ecosystem. Smart contracts facilitate everything in a trustless manner from the submission and reward of high-quality data to data storage and request of access to this data. At its core, the Bottos public chain is designed for artificial intelligence.

With four main features:

  • Data sharing across a decentralized network
  • AI products/Dapps
  • Credibility system through data and model tracking
  • Tamper-proof data and model register embedded in decentralized data marketplace


The hardware component of the Bottos ecosystem will play a number of important roles:

• with IoT and robots serving as ‘intelligent hardware’ through mining

• Acceleration of creation of advanced robots through a ‘universal robot ledger’ on the main chain, for registration and management of robots. Only the most advanced and working robots which have passed safety standards certification can qualify for this.

To achieve this, Bottos will create a top-down robotics ecosystem from crowdfunding robotics startups, enabling startups to grow through plugging in the Bottos ecosystem to obtain valuable data and also creating valuable open source models and so on.


Bottos already held their ICO at the end of 2017. The token BTO is already listed on exchanges including, Bibox, Coinegg and L-bank. The all-time high marketcap was around 170m.


The Bottos Virtual Machine is the core layer, compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine.

Dapps will be developed on the application layer of Bottos for relevant fields such as artificial intelligence, robotics, IoT. To further differentiate their interaction with the platform, Bottos will develop exclusive channels that are specialized for each of these fields.

Bottos, the community and third parties can develop applications on top of Bottos.
The first Dapp to be developed on Bottos is Project X with the token DTO.

Consensus — DPOS with Byzantine Fault Tolerance

Bottos consensus algorithm is DPOS with Byzantine Fault Tolerance. Bottos only supports one vote per user. In addition, voters cannot delegate votes or even retake them once cast.

Bootstraps node failures through an algorithm that selects substitute nodes from 49 candidates in a decentralized manner. In the test network, transaction speed reached up to 4000 TPS.

Bottos Wali Community App

Up to over 300, 000 registered users with 50k of those active daily. Image mining and content distribution are supported


Bottos has integrated novel features to blockchains such as:

• Convenient account system: think of HTML and CSS. No need of remembering lengthy strings of numbers and letters.

• One-click node deployment

• On-demand service access

• Flexible and secure mass storage

• Multi-value smart token design

Steps to ensure secure mass storage include:

  1. Two types of nodes:

Storage-lock tokens to show responsibility for data provided


2. Multilevel data backup for highly secure content. Of course this comes at an extra cost.

3. Intelligent data fragmentation technology — only users can obtain and re-group the data to reconstruct it to make sense. Therefore, even leaked data cannot be interpreted.

4. Secure storage. Sliced data is stored in different storage nodes around the world.


After completing an ICO successfully at the end of 2017, progress has been made on the technical end. Bottos mainnet has already been launched. ERC-20 tokens are still circulating, mainnet swap is yet to be announced.

Commercial applications of Bottos are slated for the end of the year on the Bottos mainnet.

Bottos wallet

Bottos wallet

The beta version of the Bottos wallet v1.0 for Android and IOS has been launched supporting the following function:

  • Account creation and importing existing keystores
  • QR Code scanner and generator
  • Simplistic and easy transactions (Send and receive with usernames)
  • Password protection

• Lightning fast transactions

You can download the wallet through this link
Transactions carried out through the wallet can be tracked through the block explorer


City partner project covering up to 50 cities.
Car block


According to the official Bottos blog:

Xin Song at a past conference

Bottos project founder Wang Tingting is the former vice president of a blockchain head project in China, and the former vice president of artificial intelligence robot exoskeleton R&D manufacturer Scream Technology; Co-founder and CEO Song Xin, MBA from Georgetown University, USA, was the President of Droege Group China, one of Germany’s largest family investment groups, helping dozens of European and Chinese traditional companies to transform their Internet and digitalize earlier by applying big data and artificial intelligence technologies. Bottos co-founder and CTO Wang Chao, former head of R&D team of Wanxiang, Huawei, and Zhongxing, has worked in distributed systems, cloud computing design, and research for more than a decade.

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