Blockchain Technology In Gaming Industry (Battle Wave 2323)

In today’s financial system, the working of blockchain technology can not be overemphasized even though there is some controversial expression between the government and technology itself, just because the technology(blockchain) is a standalone system that needs no one controlling it. This is a selling point of this tech….Decentralization.

What Are The Solution Blockchain Technology Brought In?


Blockchain technology uses a digital ledger to keep data and the ledger is an open-source that keeps transaction history and no one can tamper with it. This technology makes data management easy, a transaction in the financial sector open and secure, require no manual data entries.
Many experience interest rate on a bank loan, even saving money in a bank comes with a maintenance fee every month, thanks to DeFi, an ecosystem that liberated common man and gives them the benefit of getting a reward on their savings every second.


Due to the fact that blockchain technology is decentralized, it can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, and anytime, provided there is an internet connection.

Speed, Easy To Use

The transaction is within few seconds no matter where you are sending it from or where you are transacting.

Do you know that blockchain technology with its solution is fun and rewarding?
Are you aware of Battle Wave 2323?
In my engagement on DeFi, there are many ways to generate reward by playing around with some amazing features built on blockchain. Staking, Lending, Governance, and Gaming are amazing features.

Battle Wave 2323 is the first game release of the brand new gaming genre ANRKEYX create called m$ports (money sports). The game encourage users to perform liquidity mining by pitting them against each other in competing teams, as they fight to generate the most liquidity and APY. Various teams based on different liquidity provisioning (LP) token poolings, and only one team will emerge with the crown, but unlike other games, everyone still wins.

The interesting thing about he game is the fact that discord is integrated into it and makes the team interact. This is first game, I will see having this feature. You can learn more about the game here

Yes, I am not a game person but with blockchain technology, an interest was developed and it really fun and rewarding.
Follow ANRKEYX closely and enjoy the game as you Play To Win — Play To Earn. There is over 350% APY shares in almost 1,000,000 $ANRX weekly prize pools and as at the time of this article, over 15,500 registered users have joined.

Join Here

In conclusion, blockchain industry is huge and there are diverse solutions within the system that bring about reward, take your time to study more about decentralized system and drop your question for discussion.

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