Launches the First ever Crypto-hybrid Trading Platform. has being resilient over the past few months since the launch of its campaign on the 27th September 2018, which kickstarted with a bounty competition and reward pool. As a cryptocurrency exchange of trust for individual and institutional traders and investors, is an upgrade of the European crypto-to-fiat exchange, Paymium as they are both backed by the same idealism since they share a similar CEO Pierre Noizat.

Advanced Trading Features

As UI/UX design is user friendly and easy to use. It is a mobile responsive web-based Trading Exchange as there are ongoing plans to launch the Mobile App versions (Android & IOS) in the near future. Unlike most of It’s peers the exchange launches without any need for any KYC since it already have an existing clientele of over 170,000 users. With no maximum withdrawal or deposit embargo on trading at-least within the first few weeks of its launch, permitting trading of $1 million USD and above. The platform originally ships with other cryptocurrency trading pairs as Bitcoin(BCIO/BTC), Ether(BCIO/ETH) and Litecoin (BCIO/LTC), with future plans to includes Ripple(BCIO/XRP) and BitcoinCash(BCIO/BCH) on the long run.

Deposits And Withdrawals

Deposits onto the platform are initiated are free of charge, however withdrawals can incur a commission fee. The minimum amount of trading each pairs is as listed below.

• ETH/BTC: 0,02 ETH

• LTC/BTC: 0,1 LTC


Minimal Trading Fee

The hybrid exchange is one that is built upon a technology that has being in existence since 2013. Hence the platform runs on an affordable trading fee of 0.1% of any trade being initiated on the platform (except for BCIO/BTC pairs which are free of charge with a « Bid » order). As already noted the platform allows for an unlimited amount of trading, a minimal withdrawal fee is amongst one of the many measure by he team to ensure a fair and transparent exchange of the future. Minimum amounts and fees for withdrawals are as follows;

• BTC: minimum: 0,002 BTC/ fee: 0,0005 BTC,

• ETH: minimum: 0,02 ETH / fee: 0,01 ETH,

• LTC: minimum: 0,002 LTC / fee: 0,001 LTC,

• XRP: minimum: 22 XRP / fee: 0,25 XRP, (available soon)

• BCH: minimum: 0,002 BCH / fee: 0,001 BCH. (available soon)

Note: The aforementioned features are only temporary as the team reserves the right to include or exclude additional platform capabilities in the future.




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