[Blockchain Basics] Blockchain ≠ Bitcoin

Blockchain ≠ Bitcoin 

While blockchain is an excellent choice for digital currency, it can be used to maintain ownership of trusted audit trains for various asset types. These can be intangible (such as trade finance assets) and tangible (such as diamond) assets. This offers a wide range of blockchain application options for multiple industries and institutions — including TradeIX, which focuses on the trade finance industry, and dedicated solutions that utilize blockchain technology.

Blockchain is the real available technology today. Currently, blockchains are being tested using proof of concept (POC) in many different industries and regions around the world. Also keep in mind that this technology is still in its early stages. Several blockchain providers, such as IBM and R3, released the first version of their solution in 2017. Therefore, all of this is very new and is appearing in front of us.


Originally published on TRADEIX.

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