Blockchain And Cryptocurrency Securing the Facets of Freelancing Community

Internet brought about a new era in the form of communication. Not only it transferred information at a much faster rate, but it also opened a whole new industry in itself. Since the marketing spread its wing on the internet, the cyber world got flooded with numerous online money making techniques.

Although most of them proved to be only click-baits and scams, there were few that turned out to be true. As a result up to 30 percent of Europeans and Americans ended up working as the independent contractors in the freelancer community. At the moment, the whole world is participating to earn a few extra bucks doing something they are good at, from their home.

But there was a catch, as the freelancer community grew, the number of firms to act as a platform grew as well. Upwork, Freelancer, Toptal, and several others sprouted out as a medium to let freelancers communicate with the people who needed the job done.

The only drawback? It wasn’t as simple as it seemed. The portals charged a whopping commission from the freelancers that went up to 40 percent in some cases. The story doesn’t end here, they had to impart a short percentage of their income to a middleman or the payment gateway as well. The option was sour but it was the only option.

It all seemed to change with the dawn of cryptocurrency and blockchain. As the century is progressing, more and more people are quitting their jobs. And most of them are either giving a shot to entrepreneurship or trying freelancing.

The scenario is all set to change as the blockchain and cryptocurrency are erasing the commission takers from the middle. Now, there are startups that pay directly to a freelancer in cryptocurrency for the jobs they have done.

Earning legit money online is rather easy these days and thanks to the blockchain, the transaction stays transparent. But how do you actually earn this blockchain specific cryptocurrency is what you will learn ahead. Remember, this is no clickbait nor promotion.


Now, the traditional web portals can be taken into consideration, only not all the tasks. There are firms that pay you in cryptocurrency for their tasks. Anyway, let’s skip that part. The freelancing community is the least barrier stricken community to enter, you start almost any sort of work based on your expertise or liking. As the crypto market is on the rise, the firms are looking out to outsource their work in return of handsome crypto payments. One of the platforms is Freelance for Coins, it is relatively new to the industry but has the potential to disrupt the Upwork market due to its payment transparency, blockchain implementation and crypto payout. If this makes you skeptical, take a look at the crypto trading stats of one day.

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If you are looking for places to start, here are some cool websites to look forward to, and they are promising.





With some digging, you can find other relative sites, too.

Micro Tasks

Yes, Mturk is still popular and yes again, micro tasks can pay you well. Micro tasker community is actually pretty big. Mturk alone has more than 100,000 Mturkers and over 2,000 of them are active at any given time. However, ask yourself this, can micro tasks pay you in crypto? Well, a couple of years back, this would have been a big no, just not the same case at the moment. You can get paid in cryptocurrency by taking the same old surveys and watching a few ads. The amount is not large to say, but collectively, it’s pretty decent and you don’t have to break a sweat. Websites like Gems is giving a hard time to Amazon’s old Mturk and why not when the prize is cryptocurrency. Everybody knows crypto is future, better to invest there now than never.

Take a note: the objective here is not to invest in crypto and use methods like HODL or Scalping and take risks to gain profits. The sole motive is to work and get paid in crypto instead to invest.

Cryptocurrency Blogging

No, you don’t have to write blogs about crypto. The concept is totally different and similar at the same time. Just like you use blogger or medium for posting blogs and people who like it can clap or ‘Like,’ there are platforms where that appreciation can reward you crypto payments. The situation is not hypothetical and is well tested by Steemit. For every upvote or like, the author receives a fraction of cryptocurrency. The daily figure of Steemit is shocking, and the number of users is concrete evidence the platform actually works and is not all bollocks.


In cryptocurrency world, Masternodes are still low-key. Not many are familiar with it but that makes it all more amazing. If learnt, it can become a really great source of income. To people not familiar with the masternodes, they are accountable for verification of the blocks through a blockchain network. Similar to mining, the concept requires you to turn your computer into a medium for networking using your computer’s processing. Allowing the user, in this case, you, to earn an incentive for the core consensus to run a blockchain network. The percentage of annual Dash Incentives is what attracting more players in the field including scammers.

Blockchain and crypto as the future have long been predicted. Smart users are measuring the extent of these two’s presence in their life in coming times and are taking a part to sustain in a more competitive market. A lot of many don’t have much in their banks to invest in cryptocurrency, it’s a fact, a lot many are skeptical, true, but if you can work for a small time and earn cryptocurrency, is that even bad since you are not paying off your own pockets?

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