Bean Cloud And The Distinguished Developments: Sharder’s Acquisition Of Partnerships

Bean Cloud: A Brief Description

The Sharder Protocol Enables D’apps To Be Built On Its Platform For Free!

Bean Cloud is one of the four original d’apps built within the Sharder Ecosystem. Bean Cloud’s services emphasize data storage, certification, and security platform which serves peer to peer finance, small loans, consumer finance, e-commerce and ERP systems. Bean Cloud’s technology enables businesses, enterprises, organizations and governments to store various types of data within the d’app: e-contracts, payment documents and investment records are recorded on-chain which perpetuates immutability and transparency. Bean Cloud also provides notarized security certificates and legal evidence records for the data stored on Bean Cloud based on blockchain’s traceable and immutable features. At the time of this press release, Bean Cloud services over 257 users, 287,308 copies of certified data is embedded in Bean Cloud and over 1300 contract visas are certified and embedded within the d’app. To put this into perspective, over 7000 copies of certified data have been embedded on Bean Cloud since the release of Sharder’s Bi Weekly XIX, which was published yesterday. Bean Cloud’s block height is also at 12,318!

Products within Bean Cloud, to add, include data preservation, electronic signing and distributed cloud storage based off of blockchain technology. Data security, integrity, and preservation are crucial components to online data storage. The data security provided by Bean Cloud is blockchain-based and developed in collaboration with Born Soft Group. Bean Cloud offers online storage for photos, documents, contracts, etc. Bean Cloud offer corporations and individuals data security when storing important documents, original works, contracts, patents, etc. All stored data within the Bean Cloud d’app is encrypted with blockchain-based technology, establishing a secure user experience. In the event of an infringement, certification will be issued to protect the rights of users who store their data on Bean Cloud. Bean Cloud notarizes documents by judicial authentication, utilizing centralized legitimacy to garner notarized validity to documents stored on Bean Cloud. Full nodes on Bean Cloud are stable and performed exceptionally well during testing phases! Provided is a link to Bean Cloud’s official website

The Intricacies Of The Bean

Bean Cloud is based off of the Sharder Chain, the cornerstone of the Sharder Ecosystem. The Sharder Chain is the blockchain embedded in the Sharder Ecosystem. Bean Cloud focuses on solving various pain points of traditional storage. The advantages of using Bean Cloud are blockchain trace-ability and immutability to protect against infringement; this in turn provides judicial validity for all data stored within Bean Cloud. The signed contracts are unable to be altered and are given a timestamp to protect infringement of intellectual property, investment records etc. The data itself is encrypted and cannot be limited by a sense of time or location of where the data is stored. Within Bean Cloud, there is also an API access process. Bean Cloud offer corporations and individuals data security when storing important documents, original works, contracts, patents, etc. In the event of an infringement, certification will be issued to protect the rights of users. A demo is also set up for individuals or corporations to see recent updates to the d’app! Bean Cloud’s marketing development is accelerating at an extremely rapid pace and the marketing team has visited over 24 educational institutions and has received a great amount of institutional feedback. Bean Cloud’s customized products will be geared towards these industries and these products will be updated, adjusted and improved based off of their needs and requirements.


~connects with judicial organs, arbitration institutions, internet court and copyright office, can be given legal opinion, has arbitration button(meaning after you finish signing an e-contract, you could click a button called “arbitration”; then all the proofs are sent to arbitration institutions).

Recent Partnerships and Developments: Success In Collective Cooperation!

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Sharder Is Now Listed On Delta Direct!

The Sharder Protocol is garnering business connections throughout the entirety of the world; just recently, Sharder’s Technical White Paper was translated into Russian with the help and assistance of GT Investments which is a company situated in Russia. The Sharder Protocol has also been added to Delta Direct: Delta is a cryptocurrency portfolio tracking application, similarly to Blockfolio. Just as Blockfolio has “Blockfolio Signals”, Delta has “Delta Direct” which is a feature that enables projects to list news and upcoming information or events about that particular project. An individual who follows that project on Delta will be alerted of the news! This provides a global outreach for The Sharder Protocol to publish events and occurrences to a international audience.

Sharder And Chemmai Have Entered Into A Strategic Partnership!

The Sharder Protocol has entered a strategic partnership with Chemmai on multiple levels of cooperation. The Sharder Protocol and Chemmai partnership begins with the various areas of project advisory & platform testing, followed by product development & wallet listing, and finally continue with the utilization of cross-chain and data storage in the future. This partnership has been in development for over three months, when Sharder and Chemmai initially contacted one another. Chemmai has expressed direct interest in storing their data with Bean Cloud. Chemmai believes that Bean Cloud has the potential to be the perfect data storage solution for their project, especially regarding data storage, data security and e-signature notarization services that Bean Cloud offers! Chemmai is a project that is dedicated to media content; Chemmai can utilize Bean Cloud’s storage capabilities to it’s fullest and its entirety! As the Chemmai’s user-base grows, the need for additional storage and data security becomes increasingly important for the Chemmai project! Bean Cloud perfectly compliments the needs of the Chemmai project, ushering in a strategic partnership of collective cooperation!

Chemmai is an infotainment application engine with high quality content which can help people (especially creators in this instance) in expressing their ideas through data (any content they choose to implement) and then simultaneously, have their ideas monetized in a fashion that fits them accordingly. Chemmai has the ability that connects creators with advertisers, users, media outlets and media companies around the world and contributes to the entire content engine by unlocking its potential of having billions of data and millions of talented content providers and buyers connected on one collective front.

Conclusion: Sharder’s Acquisition Of Strategic Partnerships During The Great Cryptocurrency Depression

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The Four D’apps Built Within The Sharder Ecosystem!

It speaks volumes for a project to garner partnerships, precede with developing its technology for mainstream adoption and release and an optimistic sentiment amidst horrendous and brutal market conditions. Projects that utilize times of difficulties and manifest them into opportunities deserve respect, dignity and honor among the populous. Sharder was released during the Great Bear Market Of 2018 and in spite of pessimistic sentiment, a year long capitulation of cryptocurrency markets and a vindictive communal ethos within the cryptocurrency community, Sharder presses on to achieve its vision of being the dominant distributed data storage solution that implements blockchain technology and data sharding innovation! #Shardernation

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