Ask Anything to the founders of The Profile Firm — via the Hacker Noon Community

“Tech Magnets” : “I am the former lead technical recruiter at Tesla where I used to work on software/hardware and DevOps. Then I hopped over as lead technical recruiter at Google specifically working on AI/ML staffing. After that, I joined Facebook as the lead technical recruiter for Ph.D. Data Science.

Most recently, I was head of talent at Brex helping them grow from 25–125 members and to become the fastest Unicorn in SV history.”

And about Michael: “I have worked with companies such as Salesforce, Square, Microsoft, Bloomberg, MongoDB, Mulesoft, Unity Technologies and more on their leadership training and development.”

Together we founded The Profile Firm, where we focus on finding top talent for Seed- Series D funded companies. Specifically technical talent.

Excited to be here for this AMA on June 21st, 2019 at at 12 pm PST.

Feel free to ask a question below. Talk soon!

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