AntEx: Building True Decentralization

Blockchain technology has been a trending topic in recent months, as it brings many benefits, especially in the social-economic sphere. Thanks to the decentralization and security that this technology possesses, the blockchain is able to record transactions almost instantaneously. However, it seems that what is proving to be a very costly task is the fact of converting Bitcoin and other currencies, as there are no easy tools to do so. At the moment they are trying to create applications that replace the wallet and at the same time have a role of financial assistant for the management of users’ investors.

For this reason, today I want to introduce you to Antex (, a platform that aims to create an ecosystem that serves to carry out all these tasks mentioned above in a simple way. Within the Antex ecosystem, there is not only the VNDT application, which symbolizes the user’s asset wallet, but also functionalities such as Fiat-crypto conversion, cryptocurrency exchange through the bank account, creating a transparent peer-to-peer structure, etc.

What is AntEx?

So, AntEx ( is a platform that provides a constantly growing set of decentralized services, with the simple goal of bringing value to the DeFi space as a whole by delivering disruptive, flexible and audited technology. With this in mind, Antex aims to be Defi’s next multi-chain protocol to provide an evolution to this type of finance.

How does it work?

As we have said, AntEx is an ecosystem formed by a set of tools that provide some benefits for the future of DeFi. Below we will talk about each of them to see what function they perform and how they can provide value.


VNDT is the stable coin of the AntEx ecosystem that could be said to be the transfer gateway between cryptocurrencies and Fiat. Thus, VNDT is an open source stablecoin based on smart contracts built on the ERC-20, TRC-20, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and KRC20 networks. The main function of VNDT will be for e-commerce transactions, lending and investments in the ecosystem built by AntEx and its partners.


AntLock is a function created for token security. Thus, as a DeFi standard, it will be possible to lock liquidity provider tokens. In parallel, it will also be possible to acquire tokens through the team via a vesting schedule that will allow token amounts to be given to team members on specific dates.

AntLock use cases:
1. Time-locked tokens: allows founder and employee tokens to be stored in a time-based release schedule that allows for simple, immutable transactions.

2. Instant will execution: possible will creation in a smart contract that will automatically release funds to your favorites after your death.

3. Monthly / weekly subscriptions: setup and payment of subscriptions using cryptocurrencies.


AntLaunch is a tool unique to AntEx as it is the first functionality that provides IDO and in turn the vesting token. Thus, token project owners will be able to flexibly split token sales rounds according to their business models.

Benefits of AntLaunch:
For developers: This tool allows developers to launch their own project and create token sales easily and instantly within the platform itself.
For incubators: with AntLaunch, incubators will also be able to use the technology to launch their own incubated projects.
For investors: tool for angel investors to make the right decisions when investing in a project and never forget their own due diligence before any form of participation.

Antex — Blockchain Portfolio

AntEx blockchian wallet would come to be the crypto wallet itself, where any user can buy, store, send and even exchange tokens. AntEx provides the easiest and most secure way to connect to blockchain-based applications, giving control when interacting on its decentralized web.

As main features of the wallet, it should be noted that it is easy for any user, as it is available both by web browser and mobile app, and there is also a Chrome extension. Another important feature is that it comes equipped with a maximum security system, not only the one provided by the blockchain but also secure logins and own keys. Finally, the wallet will also be enabled to scan, store and transfer NFT.

Main AntEx use cases

  • Member-level incentives with reduced fees, higher interest rates on savings packages and many other incentives when holdeing ANTEX token in VNDT Wallet.
  • VNDT Wallet is a multi-application wallet that allows users to store digital assets, convert between digital and fiat assets.
  • With $ANTEX, transaction fees will be reduced on the VNDT Wallet.
  • AntLaunch helps startups to complete projects, ask for funding, develop community and connect partners. In addition, various funding and entitlement rounds can be conducted to plan the financial status of projects.
  • With AntLaunch, angel investors will be able to evaluate and make investment decisions.
  • With $ANTEX, block token and block liquidity fees will be reduced on the AntLock platform.
  • The block token will ensure transparency and security in the financial management of projects.
  • The $ANTEX token will be used to pay fees for project support services in the Antex — Blockchain portfolio.
  • The $ANTEX token will be used as a mortgage digital asset and for saving in the VNDT wallet.
  • Crypto Loan is a special feature of the VNDT wallet that will be used for the user to mortgage digital assets to borrow USDT and VNDT.


The main token of AntEx will be the $ANTEX, created with blockchain technology to be stable, and created to be disontable on different networks such as ERC-20, BEP-20, TRC-20 or KNC-20.

Token symbol: ANTEX
Total supply: 100,000,000,000,000 ANTEX
Token type: Utility, Government

Token allocation



AntEx is a unique platform that includes all the basic functionalities to be able to run one’s own economy. In addition, it brings value by having the wallet functionality that allows you to be able to exchange tokens in a simple way and to be able to switch from fiat to cryptocurrencies in an efficient way. The idea is to create an all-in-one ecosystem so that people in general can invest in crypto and above all, keep in mind that the economy can move forward with cryptocurrencies.

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