A Safe Haven for ICO Investments?

Since the turn of the year the cryptocurrency market has seen instability like never before.

The amount of FUD (fear uncertainly and doubt) is rife and continues to spread. There is no doubt that cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is here to stay, but the ongoing battle with naysayers is akin to a pendulum swinging back and forth.

Let’s not forget that this technology is still in its infancy, finding its feet before it firmly establishes itself with some form of stability; so if you got in early or even just recently, you are one of the lucky ones.

Recently, many factors have had a negative impact including (but not limited to) price manipulation, whale dumps, Mt Gox, USA ICO restrictions, exist scams and fake news, coupled with propaganda supported by banks and other financial institutions.

Not only have the established coins been affected, but ICOs (initial coin offerings) have suffered the consequences of these negative market conditions.

ICOs offer the greatest potential returns in the market but during these uncertain times, with many investors being risk averse they are finding it difficult to thrive.

ICOs are the life-blood of the crypto space. We need new projects and start-ups to build blockchain technology and enhance our lifestyles in the long term.

To combat this downturn and bring in new investors, many ICOs offer large bonus schemes, airdrops, bounties and discounts. Whilst these promotions deliver increased investment, they often have a detrimental effect when the currency hits the exchanges. Rather than hodling (holding) the coin/token for the long term, many investors sell immediately which reduces the price of the tokens. For example, if you were awarded a 50% bonus when investing, you may be tempted to sell them immediately to take profits without having any interest in the future success of the project.

As far as ICOs are concerned something needs to change to allow them flourish and regain popularity with mainstream investors without the need to entice them with generous bonuses and discounts, which ultimately reduces the coin’s value. ICOs are in need of a method to purvey reassurance and confidence.

With all this in mind, I recently stumbled across a project which aims to achieve this…

DESICO will be providing a unique, game changing platform that will transform the way we invest and trade in ICOs. Being a transparent and fully legally compliant way to issue and trade security tokens, this could be the ‘go to’ place for all things related to crypto start-up investments.

Based in Lithuania, DESICO is subject to Lithuanian law and the Bank of Lithuania regulations which is supervised by the European Central Bank. DESICO will provide the ability to issue, buy and sell security tokens in full compliance with the law.

Any start-up/ICO that wishes to issue security tokens via the DESICO platform will be required to meet with them in person and have their business models verified.

The DESICO community will have the ability to review and comment on all listed projects, earning DESI (the DESIO token) rewards for doing so and the DESICO exchange will provide the opportunity to trade all listed ICOs. Investors buy ICO security tokens using either Ethereum or DESI tokens.

The DESI token offers additional benefits over using Ethereum such as investor rights and discounts.

It certainly sounds like great news for ICOs and investors. Maybe now we will have a new level of confidence in investing in blockchain and crypto start-ups.

Visit the DESICO website or Telegram group to find out more.

I also recommend that you check out this brief YouTube video to get a better understanding.

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