A Little Strategy Can Go a Long Way

To begin this week, we shine the spotlight on a few dev articles that dive into effective approaches in strategy. As developers, we are often overly eager to dive into the meat of a project without taking the time to think through aspects that could rack up technical debt, or leave our applications exposed to security flaws or performance issues. Getting stuck in is fun, but taking the time to strategize beforehand will save you a lot of headache down the road.

All you need to know about user session security by Super Tokens [14min read]

How auth tokens are handled, stored and changed during an active session — whether it be for OAuth flows, or for server-client session flows.

A Practical Intro to Test Driven Development by Luca Picinelli [7min read]

The nature of people is to be lazy (here software developers are the best performers) and greedy, so you have to find your way of reducing the costs now.

Node.js Monitoring Made Easy by Adnan Rahić [13min read]

Monitoring provides a way of preventing the loss of customers and crucially, stops you from wasting time. Time is money, and preventing downtime, loss of resources and saving your product from performance issues will save you money in the long run.

Refetch Strategies for Apollo’s GraphQL client by Jeff Lowery [7min read]

The one problem with the refetchQueries technique is that it can be hard to determine what mutations affect which queries. If I were to write a new Mutation component for a large project, would I know which Queries are affected?

Deconstructing Serverless Computing Part 3: Ninety-Nine Platforms but How to Choose One? by Lucian Toader [10min read]

Navigate the tangled ecosystem of FaaS offerings, both managed and open-source, and determine their main capabilities and key differentiating features.

Beginner’s Guide to Microservices: Explaining it to a 5 Year Old by Sidharth Malhotra [7min read]

For a moment, let’s forget about microservices and consider an ice cream machine which has four parts — ice cream scooper, nuts shredder, chocolate funnel, and strawberry syrup funnel.

Do it like an engineer by Luca Florio [4min read]

The work of a Software Engineer is to solve problems. Everything can be reduced to this activity. This is why it is important to have a solid methodology to tackle problems. We are engineers after all, and we are trained to solve problems. We have to do it like an engineer.

Feature Flags and Test-Driven Design: Some Practical Tips by Graham Lea [7min read]

While I’m a big fan of the Strategy pattern, I would generally avoid it when feature flagging. My reasoning is that feature flagging is ideally a temporary measure, whereas the Strategy pattern is a design construct for supporting multiple implementations.

5 ways to dramatically accelerate your product development speed by Nacho Bassino [7min read]

It is quite easy to observe the impact of the DevOps efforts and mindset in the software construction phase, but it also has a profound impact on the maintenance cost that it may be overlooked.

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Storm Farrell (aka Coder Noon)

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